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How to Stream or Download Resident Evil (2002) 720p BrRip x264

the series is a breakthrough for an intellectual property in a time when its own ip is slowly fading from the pop-cultural consciousness. in the age of pokemon go and, of course, fortnite, it's heartening that the genre is still moving forward. (it's also nice to see a streaming service fill a void left by cable and broadcast tv in giving viewers an emotionally resonant and grounded drama like this). and if there's an upside for the franchise itself, it's that it's given a significant boost to resident evil as a brand. it's had some solid hits in the last decade, but now it has a series that's actually a game-changer. as the series goes, so does the legacy of the video game. the resident evil series is back to being a source of influence for the horror-themed video games that are released today.

resident evil 1 br rip 720p

the umbrella corporation, a nefarious military-industrial outfit that builds bio-weapons and brain-manipulation technology, is the antagonist of resident evil, a series of survival horror video games that launched in 1996. the umbrella corporation was the first games antagonist, and its been the primary antagonist ever since. as a result, umbrella has become the go-to name for any sort of horrific, viral threat. theres the bacteria outbreak in cloverfield ; the aliens in cloverfield 2 ; the extraterrestrials in altered carbon ; and the viruses in the the grey, fifth element, and the day after tomorrow. and thats before you get to the sub-bio-weaponry that becomes a staple in big-budget superhero movies, especially in the latter half of the 2010s.


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