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Kimi Ni Todoke Episode 11

Kimi ni Todoke aired its last two episodes back to back, and while the circumstances that led to this move are less than fortunate, it helps so far as the narrative is concerned. Neither of these two episodes are strong enough to stand on their own, but together they form a proper, if somewhat unusual coda to the show.

Kimi ni Todoke Episode 11

Seriously though, through rough times, frustrating times, good times, and happy times, Kimi ni Todoke gave me a roller coaster of emotions that no other series this season (except Madoka maybe which my jaw always drops by the end of the episode) did and I considered that a good thing.

The whole marriage proposal thing almost made me scream, but when Sawako admitted that she was just fantasizing I realized that she had actually matured in a major way. The last few episodes showed a subtle but amazing character change in her. The same girl but suddenly more sure of herself.

There would be about enough content for another 12 episode season after volume 14 is finished, so it would be possible as early as the Winter 2012 season if they do decide to continue its anime adaption. That decision likely wont happen until after the DVD release of season 2.

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