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A slicked back pixie on dark brown hair is great if you have extra thick or thin hair. This is a lower-maintenance haircut, saving you time on blow-drying and styling. Give it a nice shiny finish by using the Redken workable hairspray.

extra mature ladies

Rounded bob cuts on silver blonde hair give older women a softened style. A blonde hairstyle can really brighten up a dull complexion, while rounded layers soften square face shapes. Keep in mind that silver hair is the least maintenance for women who already have a lighter hair color naturally, or already have an abundance of silver hair. If you have darker hair you may have to deal with extra upkeep.

A jaw-length stacked cut pairs well with a nape undercut for a youthful and edgy style. The contrast between the short lengths in the undercut and the longer lengths in the stacked bob makes for a visually interesting cut. Try adding some flat iron waves when styling for an extra fresh and flirtatious variation. Finish off your waves with a molding wax for enhanced texture and hold.

You should try a short piece-y haircut with highlights. A pixie with highlights gives depth and dimension to your shape. The brushed-back layers uplift your facial features, and you can add some curl with an iron for an elegant look. The ease of styling this shape will appeal to ladies who would like a simple shape to blow out.

A short bob with bangs paired with an undercut is perfect for mature ladies looking for a snazzy short cut. Short hairstyles for older women can be youthful and fun. Ask your stylist to make your locks nice and textured for a blended look.

A short curly hairstyle is a great option for adding extra body and bounce to your curl pattern. Short hair helps keep curls from getting weighed down and dragging the face with it, creating a youthful appearance.

I would describe this look as versatile. The underneath is disconnected, so there is no trouble with uneven hairlines or those fine unruly hairs found in the nape. This look can be styled smooth, curly or textured. I recommend this look for ladies with medium to fine hair with medium density. Thick and coarse hair is ok but may need to be cut differently. This style offers not only a wide range of styling options but also a large selection of color options. This look is perfect for anyone who wants a style with multiple options and manageability.

An alternative bob with micro blunt bangs is the best way to transform hair for older women. While making it appear thicker, this style will also give your hair a trendy edge. Depending on your lifestyle, this crop looks extra cool with a block color or fashion tone.

When looking for a good hairstyle as an older woman, try a feathery pixie to keep it light and fun. A great inspiration for this cut is Jamie Lee Curtis, she has the feathered look with her pixie, but make sure to ask your stylist for layers in the crown area. The crown layers will give your hair the extra volume and light look needed for the cut. Style your pixie with pomade and take a piece of hair and twist to give some separation but add a little bit of texture.

Featuring a cute wedge cut that appears stunning on older ladies, especially women over 60! When styled with a subtle texture, it looks more radiant with beige blonde highlights. This short haircut also suits ladies with an oval face shape. Wear it and look sophisticated all day long!

The classic short spiky crop for women over 60 is always sassy. It shows confidence and elegance. Hair like this offers a lovely wash-and-go for older ladies with fine, thin tresses. Style it with texture and allow the locks to appear thicker than they are.

This is a short feathered cut that looks right on mature ladies. It works best on straight locks. The feathered layers are a classic way of wearing hair with lots of movement. For a more youthful edge, balayage highlights are a superb and sweet addition.

A great textured and layered cut for thick hair aims to appear weightless and bouncy. To do so, short and subtle layers are the key to create that soft volume. This is so classic and easy to style that a mature woman can pull it off with no sweat.

A simple shoulder-length bob is one of the hairstyles that older ladies with gray hair can enjoy. If wanting to have a solid hair color, paint the locks platinum blonde. The hue works well on natural grays. For everyday styling, give your hair very subtle and soft waves.

This simple blunt cut is classy, feminine, and chic. This blunt cut is perfect for mature women who want to wear their hair natural white/grey. The cut is easy for you to style on your own at home as the architecture of the cut shapes itself. Use a root volumizing product at the scalp for lift and a shine product on the mids and ends. Try Osis+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse and Alterna Bamboo Brilliance Cream. They create a flawless, classic look. Use a Denman brush during the blowdry, too.

Microblading for older ladies is the perfect way to give the brows volume and definition. As we age, our brows lose their color, but they also become sparser and thinner. Some women experience brow hair loss during menopause, or due to different conditions.

So many mature women need to enhance their brows daily. But the problem is, age also brings about deteriorating eyesight, or shaky hands. Two fundamentally harmless conditions, but they sure do make drawing your brows on difficult!

Mature skin tends to be thinner, so the pressure needs to be adjusted. Due to the thinness of the skin, the layer the artist aims for is reached with lighter pressure. If you press mature skin as much as you would younger skin, it will probably bleed and scar more easily.

Americans are living longer than ever before, and many seniors are living active, healthy, and productive lives. A woman who is 65 today can expect to live, on average, another 19 years to age 84. Many of you are using this extra time volunteering in your communities, traveling, and spending more time with family and friends. Taking good care of your body and mind will help you enjoy your golden years. Choosing the right health care provider can make all the difference in the world.

It's no secret that your diet is integral to weight loss. But that doesn't mean depriving yourself of delicious food or being in a significant caloric deficit. Instead, the key to healthy weight loss is eating a variety of nutrient-dense that fill you up without the extra calories. According to WebMD, you can lose weight healthily by eating at a calorie deficit of roughly 500 calories daily.

The adage "out of sight, out of mind" is right on the money regarding eating healthy foods. Keeping junk food high in extra calories, added sugars, and unhealthy fats in the house increases the odds that you'll eat them. Conversely, the more you keep healthy foods on hand and readily available, the more likely you are to eat healthily and lose weight.

The next time you sit down to enjoy a meal, take a few seconds to look at your plate's food portions. Do veggies make up at least half the meal? Eating more nutrient-rich veggies that are low in calories can help fill your belly without all the extra calories.

Americans love their coffee. According to a 2022 survey, three out of four U.S. adults drink coffee daily, with 49% reporting they consume three to five cups daily. What's more, another study concluded that two-thirds of individuals who drink coffee add cream, milk, sugar, or other additives that are packed with calories to their daily cups of joe. Add that up over multiple cups daily, and your cup of joe could be a sneaky source of extra calories. Instead, try switching to black coffee to reduce your java's calorie content significantly.

It's widely known that restaurant, takeout, and fast-food meals are high in calories. That's because, according to BistroMD, restaurants often utilize more salt, sugar, oils, and unhealthy fats than you would at home if you were to prepare your own meals. These extra, unhealthy ingredients are a surefire way to pack on extra weight. So while eating out can be convenient, consider making your own meals if you want to lose weight without exercise. This way, you can control and always know what goes into your food, helping you reach your health and weight management goals.

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