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[S23E13] If I Knew Then What I Know Now

You know, um, my personal experience, being the child of rapе, is that it's, it's a lot to process, and I can't imagine meeting, meeting your birth mother, for the very first time, and then, finding that out.

[S23E13] If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Cole: Look, I know this is being recorded, so I'll just say that I didn't do anything you didn't want. Now I have more money than time. Tell me how much you want and I'll wire it to you.Michelle: You think you can just leave money on the dresser and that'll make this all right?Cole: You know what, you missed your opportunity. Story of your life.

A man named Josh shows up to the squad room, responding to a call they made. He seems more than willing to share what he remembers about Michelle, as he'd always liked her. He says they made out at the party but didn't have sex and immediately asks "what's she saying?" He admits, then, to them fooling around a bit but says that it was the first time he had ever kissed or been with a girl. He adds that if he has a daughter, he wants to know and very willingly gives a DNA sample. Michelle says she remembers Josh, but not having sex -- and if it was them simply fooling around, was she raped? But Benson still believes she was; she saw her visceral reaction at the townhome.

Speaking on Ashley's rape conception, Rollins asks Liv if she can imagine feeling like that. Benson obviously shoots her a look that says well duh. And then she shares that when she was thirteen, her mom told her she wished Liv had never been born. Then, Ashley comes into the squad room, bubbly and excited. She says Josh reached out to her after Michelle friended him online. She says even without a DNA result yet, she just knows Josh is her dad and not a rapist. They're going out to dinner that night. Big. Red. Warning. Flags. All. Over.

They interrogate Cole and he avoids the questions before saying it's possible -- no, probable -- he slept with Michelle but it would have been consensual because he was just so hot back then. Eye roll. They have him meet with (a wired) Michelle and he asks her coldly what she wants. He walks her through the night, saying they were both drunk and he figured she was into him. He tries to buy her off, but she says she only wants him to acknowledge that he raped her. He says he knows he's being recorded and he's not going to admit anything, but he'll pay her whatever to drop it, when Rollins and Khaldun come in to escort him to the station.

Carisi and Benson share their findings with Ms. Maxwell. She acknowledges it's a tough case to prove, but she then shares her own unreported rape at a college party years ago. She knows how it feels to be hurt by the Old Boy's Club and she wants them to take Cole down. Benson and Carisi take Cole to task in the interrogation room and Carisi wants to charge him with Rape 1. Josh has agreed to testify so they arrest Cole. He whines and cries, saying he'll call Ms. Maxwell and Carisi gloatingly says she signed off on his warrant personally.

We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better.

Shawn then approached Coach and his brother Pete, and tried to shore up Coach's commitment to taking Brandon to the end of the game. Although Coach did not appreciate the move, he smiled and nodded to Shawn's terms that Brandon would look to Coach and do exactly what he was told to do.

Edna and Coach then had another discussion on the sand. Edna asked him to put it straight, and Coach replied that he thought Edna was more deserving to stay in the game, but that the rest of the alliance was worried about Brandon winning his way back into the game from Redemption Island. Wanting to explore all her options, Edna then asked if Coach would be willing to play the Hidden Immunity Idol for her, but without hesitation, he refused. When asked what his intentions for the Idol were, he said he didn't expect to ever use it, but using it now would break all trust with the rest of the tribe and he would be the next to go home. He then told Edna to tell Albert and Sophie that "Coach said everything is cool."

Jeff then asked how Brandon felt about the accusation moments before the vote. He replied nonchalantly that he had nothing bad to say about Edna, and claimed she had misconstrued the details. Jeff interrupted him to point out that he had witnessed the lie at the first Tribal and Brandon's admission of guilt. Brandon replied that everybody knew about that and Jeff pointed out the contradiction. Brandon answered by stating that Edna was taking cheap shots at him, which he didn't mind unless they were attacking his character. He said that he was open with everybody, and would be hurt if he was voted out. When Brandon continued by stating that he had never had "anything negative to say about Edna" despite her "planting seeds in other people's minds." Edna raised a hand to object, and Jeff turned to her, to allow her to point out that she did not fabricate any of the evidence she raised against him.

Turning to Sophie, Jeff asked what it was like to now have to vote out someone who had been a part of the group for the whole 32 days. Sophie answered that it was hard for a group that had been so trustworthy, and that Savaii had been gleefully pointing to this moment for a long time. She then agreed that this was a day when those tight loyalties were ending. When asked to elaborate, Albert pointed out that a lot of people had contributed to the group getting this far, but pointed out that the decisions now were either based on how the game had panned out versus early promises.

After consulting with the Cyber Controller, Cyber Savage provides the Doctor with the history of the situation and a demand to provide sanctuary from the impending temporal wave inside the TARDIS. The Doctor also figures out the plan to assimilate him and travel back to the origins of the temple. The Doctor confronts Isherwood over his plans for the TARDIS, then develops a plan to prevent the Cyber Controller from communicating with Cyber Savage. Evelyn and Goddard enter the ruins with scientist Carey, but there are two problems: First, Carey has an implant so he can be tracked; Second, Evelyn has potential knowledge of TARDIS operation. The Doctor has no choice but to go after them, but the Cybermen catch them first and take them to the Cyber Controller. Carey is assimilated in a most gruesome fashion, and Evelyn is faced with a future as the new Controller.

Something sounded fishy here, so I waded back into the archives. The Invasion of Time calls out the Great Key of Rassilon, the literal key to ultimate Time Lord knowledge. So are all of these senior Time Lords holding Lesser Keys of Rassilon, and if so, what is the difference if they all lead to the same Matrix, arguably the source of all Time Lord knowledge?

As the Doctor rushes to save Peri, the Time Lords remove him from time and take him to the court, effectively catching us up on his timeline. Their reasoning is that he had unleashed chaos and set irreversible events into motion with Peri that would threaten the future of human evolution. They then show him what happened after he left Thoros Beta. 041b061a72


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