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[S2E5] Foreign Exchange

The NCIS team investigate a charred corpse, who is found to be Lachlan Colston of the Royal Australian Navy, a foreign exchange officer who was working on sensitive nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Australia. The RAN sends an investigator, Naomi Parsons, to assit the team.

[S2E5] Foreign Exchange

The real target may have been Lt. Ryder, the man Colston exchanged with. Ryder points them to his bar singer girlfriend Cheryl, who directs them to a bookie named Sugar Wells. Sugar denies any involvement, even thinking that Ryder was the dead man. When the team finds Colston's finger in a package intended for Ryder, they wonder whether Ryder was the one who hired the hitman. With Ross P.'s help, they find the hitman, only he's been murdered, too. On the hitman's phone, they find surveillance photos of Cheryl... with Colston.

One of the most compelling functions of "Doll on Doll," is its use of the Child's Play franchise. The episode introduced a second Tiffany doll that was unveiled to harbor the spirit of Jennifer Tilly, as Tiffany Valentine has taken over Tilly's body. On par with the Chucky series and the Child's Play franchise, there is a comedic exchange between the two women, as the doll remarks that she's made her human form money playing online poker and keeping the bills up to date. Despite enjoying her lavish lifestyle, the importance of the doll's work appears lost on Tiffany's human form. Instead, her goal is convincing others that she is actually Jennifer Tilly. The ridiculousness of Tiffany's wishes coincides perfectly with her character, whose only motives are deception and murder.

Chucky's second season has made a priority of exploring the countless dolls within the series. Each one is equipped with its own personality and goals. Chucky, Tiffany, and Glen have already been demonstrated to have that throughout the Child's Play franchise, but the television series has emphasized this in their twisted relationship with one another, and the various Chucky dolls running amuck. "Doll on Doll" opened with the exchange between the much larger and comedically ripped Chucky talking with the brainwashed Chucky, who crossed paths in "Hail, Mary!" The pair's varying allegiances cause a fight to break out between them and ends with the muscular Chucky doll crucified to the wall. Both survive the episode and in the final moments of "Doll on Doll," Chucky unveils the identity of the Colonel: a bald Chucky doll who was approached by Dr. Mixter (Rosemary Dunsmore) while torturing a live Andy (Alex Vincent).

Later, in the bullpen, Jimmy soon calls Gibbs to arrange a prisoner exchange and when Tony, Kate and McGee start arguing about which of them should go, Gibbs stops them by whistling and stating that Agent Charles is going which leaves everyone confused.

Students who are nominated to participate in these exchange programs will be abroad in the fall semester of their third year. Students earn 12 transfer credits and one residency semester. Students who wish to earn additional credits may concurrently enroll in independent research projects at Virginia Law while on exchange.

Under the student-initiated study abroad program a student may spend one semester away from the Law School studying law in a foreign university law school or law department, for which the student will receive up to 15 credits (up to 12 transfer credits for coursework completed at the foreign law school and three graded credits for a research paper to be written as part of the study abroad experience) and one semester of residence credit toward the J.D. degree. Program requirements and application procedures are available in Academic Policies.

[00:01:00] A mage named Lydia visited a dimeritium cell. She found a mage named Rience trapped inside the cell. Rience had been in prison for the past ten years because of an altercation with Queen Calanthe. Lydia told Rience that Calanthe was dead and they needed his services. Rience thought Lydia was working for Nilfgaard and refused to work with them. Lydia told Rience that she was not working for Nilfgaard. In exchange for his freedom, Rience needed to hunt down someone.

The masked woman Quaithe delivers an enigmatic warning to Ser Jorah Mormont about Daenerys's need for protection from those who lust after her dragons. Xaro offers to fund Daenerys's invasion of Westeros in exchange for her hand in marriage. Later, she seeks Jorah's advice about the proposal and he cautions against accepting financial aid. He suggests that she will be able to win her throne should she reach Westeros with just a single ship. He reveals his depth of feeling for her but she does not return his affections.

Back at the show, Laurel and Jenny are excited about the show and glad that things seem to be running smoothly. Jenny then receives a call from Rufus, which she ignores. However, when she goes backstage, she finds all the models gone and only Blair remaining. Blair tells her that the models may have gotten the idea that they were overbooked so they all went home. Laurel then comes back wondering about where the models are and Jenny tells her the problem before looking at Serena and Poppy and musing that she has an idea. Meanwhile, Chuck and Dan are arrested for brawling in public. While in jail, Chuck notes that Bart won't care that he's been arrested other than being annoyed that he has to call his lawyer. Dan presses him a little bit and Chuck admits that Bart has hated him since he was born since his mother died giving birth to him. An officer then unlocks the cell and says that Chuck's being released. On his way out, Chuck offers to have Dan released into his lawyer's custody before Rufus can hear. Dan thanks him and the two shake hands. At the VDW's, Bart arrives home and tells Lily he has a gift for her. Thinking it's the painting, Lily is excited but her excitement fades when he gives her a brand new necklace. Seeing her disappointment, he asks if she wants to exchange it but she says no. She then asks if he bought a painting recently and when he says yes, she says she knew he bought it as a gift for her and asks when she can see it. He answers that she can't and that no one can ever see it. He explains that he's a powerful man and that makes his family targets, so it's up to him to destroy anything that can be used against them. Confused, she asks how he even knew about the painting and half jokingly asks if he has a Lily Bass dossier. When he doesn't deny it, she demands to see it.

Frankie convinces Mike and the kids that the Heck family should host a foreign exchange student from Japan to expose him to life in an average American family. But the Hecks become frustrated when the student shows no sign of interest whatsoever in the family.

President Palmer is being briefed by an officer on the possible targets for the nuclear device in Los Angeles. Lynne Kresge interrupts him quietly to advise him of the arrival of a foreign ambassador, and his ranking intelligence officer. Palmer requests all new intel on Second Wave, and asks about Roger Stanton, the head of the NSA. Lynne says that he is upstairs being briefed on Rayburn's dismissal.

Palmer speaks with the ambassador, who assures him that his country has apprehended and interrogated several members of Second Wave, but Stanton counters with satellite photographs of various Second Wave compounds in his country. The ambassador requests a mutual exchange of intelligence to avoid both the nuclear attack on the United States and the retaliation against his own nation. Palmer says he'll think about it and get back to him. After the ambassador leaves, Stanton insists that they can't provide them with any information for risk of exposing agents that the U.S. has in that nation. Palmer suggests that a surgical removal of information exposing these agents would solve a problem, but Stanton says that would set a dangerous precedent. Palmer says they can't afford to worry about precedent, and Stanton reveals that his real concern is that the ambassador and his country are actually supporting Second Wave, and Lynne agrees.

Reagan Foxx is sick of her daughter Addison Lee having all the fun. She overhears Addison chatting on the phone about the Spanish exchange student their family is housing, Juan Loco. Reagan decides she wants some of that action, so she grabs a sombrero in the mistaken belief that Juan is from Mexico and approaches him in the living room. She uses the hat as an opportunity to get close to Juan, and once her hands are on him he is happy to let her have her way.

Global Ties U.S. is celebrating International Education Week (November 15-19) with exchange impact stories from our 2021 cohort of Emerging Leaders. Learn how global engagement has shaped their career trajectories and inspired them to be global leaders in their communities. Highlights are below:

Reagan Foxx is sick of her daughter Addison Lee having all the fun. She overhears Addison chatting on the phone about the Spanish exchange student their family is housing, Juan Loco. Reagan decides she wants some of that action, so she grabs a sombrero in the mistaken belief that Juan is from Mexico and approaches him in the living room. She uses the hat as an opportunity to get close to Juan, and once her hands are on him he is happy to let her have her way.Pulling Juan's stiffie out of his pants, Reagan proves that she's perfected making magic with her mouth. Her blowjob is even better when she whips her big boobs out of her dress so she can stroke them as she keeps on sucking. Juan clearly likes the view, even more so as Reagan leans back and hikes up her miniskirt so he can see her sheer panties. Reagan doesn't leave Juan waiting for long before she peels off her underwear and sits him down on the couch so she can shove her jugs in his face while riding his fuck stick.Once Reagan has had enough of being in charge, she decides to put Juan through his paces by rolling onto her back so he can show her what he's got. With one ankle hanging over the couch to open herself up, Reagan enjoys Juan's thrusting hips while instructing him on how to make her even hotter. Then she gets on her hands and knees so he can pound away at that greedy fuck hole. She finishes her romp by blowing Juan's dick until he pops his load in her hair! They've just finished getting dressed when Reagan's husband, Filthy Rich, joins them in the room. He spies Juan's cum in his wife's hair and assumes it's a new hair gel, which he takes to put on his own head. 041b061a72


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