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Giotto !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Tradition holds that Giotto was born in a farmhouse, perhaps at Colle di Romagnano or Romignano.[11] Since 1850, a tower house in nearby Colle Vespignano has borne a plaque claiming the honor of his birthplace, an assertion that is commercially publicized. However, recent research has presented documentary evidence that he was born in Florence, the son of a blacksmith.[12] His father's name was Bondone. Most authors accept that Giotto was his real name, but it is likely to have been an abbreviation of Ambrogio (Ambrogiotto) or Angelo (Angelotto).[1]


The Giotto package consists of two modules, Giotto Analyzer and Viewer (see, which provide tools to process, analyze and visualize single-cell spatial expression data. The underlying framework is generalizable to virtually all currently available spatial datasets. We recently demonstrated the general applicability on 10 different datasets created by 9 different state-of-the-art spatial technologies, including in situ hybridization (seqFISH+, merFISH, osmFISH), sequencing (Slide-seq, Visium, STARmap) and imaging-based multiplexing/proteomics (CyCIF, MIBI, CODEX). These technologies differ in terms of resolution (single cell vs multiple cells), spatial dimension (2D vs 3D), molecular modality (protein vs RNA), and throughput (number of cells and genes). More information and documentation about the latest released version of Giotto Analyzer can be found at _site/. 041b061a72


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