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shah rukh khan is one of the finest actors in bollywood. he is possibly the biggest box-office star that the industry has seen. he is known for his action movies, romance movies and comedy movies. some people consider him the second-best-actor, and just behind aamir khan. the chart above shows the total box-office collection of each indian movie star, with srk's total collection is in blue.

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2008: srk, abhishek bachchan, ajay devgn, akshay kumar and sachin tendulkar are among the top names of bollywood who are making an appearance in the international stage. the indian actors are recognised by movies of all genres: romance, action, comedy, independent films, romance and sports. last year, srk's tiger which was directed by ang lee made only us $ 37 million but the record-breaking film 3 idiots the comedy film directed by rajkumar hirani has made, has already grossed $200 million worldwide. he is already looking forward to the year 2012. he has expressed his desire to hit the $400 million mark.

one thing that you will have to do is a little more homework. i have no intention of limiting you to your aim window, so you will have to be more diligent with your time away from home. i suggest that you work with a group of people on your home turf. you can gather them for chats on aim or you can pay someone to teach you the more esoteric aspects of their homes city.

i will not be able to be with you in person, but i will be very nearby. you can follow along on the web, via your hardcopy copy of lecture notes, workbooks and after hour resources. there is a lot of material to go through, some of which is technical and some of which is esoteric. you will have to come to terms with the fact that i am not a financial wizard and i cannot shield you from the abyss. my expectations are not unrealistically high. i am a finance professor and i have selected the material carefully because i believe that it provides the foundation for a whole raft of things that you can do in the real world. it will be the tools that you use to figure out the world that you see. i have tried to keep some material in the template, but much of what i have come up with are original and unique.


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