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[S6E8] Control The Crazy ((HOT))

Six months later, Mulder and Scully arrive in Kroner by request of the mayor. For several months a terrible drought has plagued the region. However, Mootz, now styling himself as "The Rain King", seems to have the power to control the weather. For a hefty sum, he is able to make it rain. Mulder and Scully obtain a client list and head to the local television station to talk to the weatherman, Holman Hardt. Hardt admits that while Mootz's talents are odd, he appears to truly have the power to control the weather. Mulder and Scully, both skeptical, attend one of Mootz's rituals. Despite their preconceived notions, Mulder and Scully witness Mootz apparently bring rain to a dry farm.

[S6E8] Control the Crazy


Mulder and Scully check into a motel, where a cow crashes through the roof of Mulder's room. After the incident, a tearful Sheila confesses that the cow might have been her fault. She admits that she's experienced a strange history of weather-related phenomena, and believes that she can unconsciously control the weather. Mulder assures her otherwise. During the conversation, Hardt overhears that Mootz was drunk the night of the accident, and is relieved. Immediately, Mootz's rain powers seem to disappear.

It is revealed that Holman Hardt is actually the one controlling the weather. All of the bizarre weather was the side-effect of his long-silent love for Sheila. He felt guilty that his weather-related problem caused Mootz to crash his car, so he would cause it to rain for Mootz. Once he realized Mootz had been drunk the night of the accident, however, he stopped. Unfortunately, Mulder begins to unintentionally attract Sheila, resulting in a massive thunderstorm that materializes due to the meteorologist's emotions. At the town's high school reunion, however, Hardt admits his love for Sheila, who accepts him. The storm stops, and Hardt and Sheila live happily ever after.[1]

Sheldon asks Penny if she had been recording TV shows on their DVR and she denies it. She asks Leonard for help and he suggests that the Chinese may have hacked their system. Then Sheldon wonders why they would have recorded Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Leonard tells him to clear off the system and erase his Alphas episodes. Sheldon replies that there is a season 2 cliffhanger so he wants to keep it until season 3 starts. Leonard lets him know that there is no season 3 and the show had been canceled which disturbs Sheldon. Penny suggests that he makes up his own ending. Sheldon is peeved and says that he might as well make up his own rules on oral hygiene and rub pudding on his gums. He then declares that he's going to call the SyFy channel to complain. Sheldon feels that they are obligated to help the viewer let go. Firefly made a movie after it was canceled. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued as a comic book. And Heroes slowly lowered the quality season by season until fans were grateful it ended. Penny feels sorry for whoever gets the call. Leonard disagrees and says that if they didn't want to hear from crazy nerds, they shouldn't have started a SyFy Channel.

Meanwhile, Muscle Man and Hi Fives are still stalling the men at the door, who lose patience and start to ram the door, until Muscle Man (in a classic cartoon manoeuvre) opens it for them to rush inside, crash into the wall, and knock themselves out. Making their way through the park, Muscle Man and Fives find the crew being held hostage and are forced into a van. Nikolai digs into his duffel bag, reaching into a secret compartment to reveal a control pad with a detonator. As the driver plays the Russian national anthem, Nikolai initiates the countdown for Phase 8 of the Operation. On 1, the park explodes along the borders, freeing it from the surrounding terrain and showing the engine and some boosters Nikolai had installed over the two years to make the park aerodynamic. He uses the control pad to direct the now airborne park in the direction of the Russian border. Nikolai then tells the crew they're heading to Russia, and they will be slaves in a hard, labor camp. After finding out from Natalia they must both hop on the chopper, Nikolai ensures the crew they will be safe with the driver on the ground. However, unbeknownst to Nikolai, the van driver reveals he's going to drive them off the edge of the Park to a watery doom.

Bratty Milfs taking charge and fucking their Step Sons! It's not Mom's fault. She is at her sexual peak and her sex drive is out of control. Not to mention she is a woman in charge. All she wants is sex; whether its her stepson, the neighbor boy or the delivery boy. Stepmom won't put up with his back talk, she will pull his pants down and take charge. She wants what she wants. And she wants it now! This leads to some awkward extended family relations. Don't let Dad find out, because with a Bratty Milf in the house, anything can happen!

The majority of Season 6's flashbacks thus far have focused on Julia (Jasper Polish) and Baz's growing romantic relationship. Although the teenagers attempt to keep their exploits a secret, Smurf isn't easily fooled and disapproves of the situation. While she claims it's because Julia and Baz should behave like siblings, despite Baz being adopted, that's not the true reason. Smurf likes to keep total control of her children, and Julia's reluctance to get involved with the family's criminal heists presents an unwanted challenge. Now, with Julia becoming sexually involved with Baz, Smurf only sees her daughter as even more of a distraction. However, instead of Smurf tackling the situation directly, she works from the shadows, eliciting Pope's help without him even knowing.

Leila George's Smurf does something similar here by confusing Pope with the sight of his twin sister and adopted brother engaging in a sexual act. It plants doubt in his mind that he can trust his siblings, thus pushing him closer to his mother and further away from Julia, specifically -- and it's all part of Smurf's master plan. She kills two birds with one stone by comforting Pope and taking back control from Baz and Julia. With Pope oblivious to her manipulations, he learns to trust his mother while she essentially turns Pope into a monster.

You'll notice how the first season never changed the truck name, but thankfully after season two, the creators realized what a missed opportunity this was. What's your favorite? Vote up the funniest pst control vans from Bob's Burgers below!

Ben is horrified, but Chadzmuth says it is all part of his plan. Chadzmuth then tells Domstol that Ben would like to invoke the "Tetramand Trial of Combat." Chadzmuth tells Ben that it's his cue, but Ben says he doesn't always have control over what the Omnitrix gives him. Ben and Chadzmuth argue for a brief moment until Domstol silences them. Fortunately, Ben manages to transform into Four Arms and Chadzmuth explains that Tetramand defendants get to fight their accusers in the battle arena. Starbeard summons the Galactic Gladiator and Domstol begins the "Tetramand Trial of Combat." Four Arms notices that the Galactic Gladiator isn't moving and thinks he could get an easy win, knowing that Celestialsapiens are forced to deliberate over every decision and are defenseless while doing so. But as Four Arms tries to punch the Galactic Gladiator, the alien teleports behind him and knocks him away. Four Arms wonders how he could fight an omnipotent being, but Chadzmuth tells Four Arms there's no rules saying that Ben has to remain a Tetramand during the trial. Four Arms transforms back into Ben and Ben quickly transforms into Eye Guy to battle the Galactic Gladiator. However, the Galactic Gladiator easily pummels Eye Guy and Eye Guy transforms back into Ben.

The Galactic Gladiator begins to knock around the inactive Alien X and Rook wonders why Ben doesn't defend himself. Starbeard says that his consciousnesses must reach an agreement before Alien X can do anything. Serena and Bellicus comment on the decisiveness of the Galactic Gladiator and Ben yells at them saying they need to reach a decision. Ben offers to let the two personalities argue between themselves for eternity if they give him full control over Alien X. Serena agrees, followed by an initially disagreeable Bellicus, giving Ben full control over Alien X in time to intercept the Gladiator's attack and throw him backwards. The two Celestialsapiens clash over the universe but the Galactic Gladiator gains the upper hand by enlarging himself and crushing Alien X. Ben asks for help but Serena and Bellicus refuse. Ben remarks on the decision-making power of the Gladiator, but quickly realizes that he can distract the Gladiator by forcing him to make even more decisions. Alien X clones himself infinitely, surrounding the Gladiator in an army of duplicates, causing the Gladiator to pause for thought. Together, the clones attack the Gladiator, sealing him in a black hole. Alien X teleports back into court with the defeated Gladiator and transforms back into Ben.

In addition to announcing Ben as the winner, Domstol also rules that Ben cannot be held responsible for the crime of recreating the universe was because he wasn't in control of Alien X at the time. Domstol finds Serena and Bellicus guilty and fines them both five pieces of Tayden each. Ben is in disbelief at the miserable fine that was at stake, but Chadzmuth gloats over his winning streak before receiving a call from more clients. Ben, Rook, and Chadzmuth are teleported back to Plumber's HQ where a group of villains have been locked up, and Chadzmuth demands for Max and the other Plumbers to let the prisoners go. Max is angry at this, but Rook explains that Chadzmuth just saved Ben, and the hero reluctantly agrees. Ben grudgingly thanks Chadzmuth as he hands over the prisoner's release forms, to which the Galvan remarks, "Just wait until you see my bill..."

Judge Domstol: "In addition, based on what we all have witnessed, it is abundantly clear that Ben Tennyson was NOT in control of Alien X at the time of the alleged crime. The Court therefore finds Belacus and Serena, guilty of unauthorized universe altering, and sentences them to pay restitution, of 5 pieces of Taydenite... EACH!" 041b061a72


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