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Il Corsaro Nero [NEW]

The quest for vengeance stretches over the course of several novels: The Queen of the Caribbean (La regina dei Caraibi), Honorata de Wan Guld, Yolanda, the Black Corsair's Daughter (Jolanda, la figlia del Corsaro Nero), The Son of the Red Corsair (Il figlio del corsaro rosso) and The Last Filibusters (Gli ultimi filibustieri).

Il corsaro nero

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There have been several film versions of the novel. In the 1920s, director Vitale Di Stefano first brought the Corsair trilogy to the screen with a series of silent films. In 1937, Amleto Palermi directed the first remake of Il corsaro nero and Italian fencing champion Ciro Verratti was cast to play the Black Corsair. In 1944, Mexican director Chano Urueta filmed El corsario negro, the first Spanish language adaptation. In 1976, Kabir Bedi and Carole André were reunited to portray The Black Corsair and Honorata in another Sergio Sollima adaptation of a Salgari classic, The Black Corsair. Urueta's and Sollima's films are available on DVD. In 1999 Mondo TV (Italy) created a 26-episode animated TV series "The Black Corsair". 041b061a72


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