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Magic Realm: Online Free Download PATCHED [Ativador]

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Magic Realm: Online Free Download [Ativador]

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Demigra's arrogance reaches its peak when he finally escapes his prison, attacks Toki Toki City, and consumes Tokitoki and truly becomes a God. During his battle with the Future Warrior, he shows his sadistic side by forcing the Warrior to fight their ally Trunks: Xeno, who Demigra manages to control via his dark magic, turning him into Villainous Trunks: Xeno, laughing at the pain and injury his puppet is forced to suffer at the hands of the Future Warrior. However, he becomes outraged when Trunks mentally resists his control and implores the Warrior to keep on hitting him to break the spell, despite Demigra retaining control over Trunks' body, which continues to fight the Warrior. After Future Trunks is freed from his control, Demigra decides to "reward" the Time Patroller for their victory by making them his puppet too, only to fail due to the intervention of Trunks and Chronoa. Angered at their defiance, he decides to deal with them personally. Demigra also shows his contempt for Chronoa by addressing her as the Ex-Supreme Kai of Time and Supreme Loser, as well as threatening to kill her after dealing with the Future Warrior.

In the game, Demigra and his underling Robelu invade the Time Nest using Shirogame, a giant turtle that is used as a mobile fortress. He demands that the Time Patrol hand over Tokitoki but they refuse to do so. Demigra brings forth the Xeno Shadow Dragons to fight the Time Patrol on his behalf, even going as far as giving Xeno Omega Shenron some of his magical power. The Time Patrol prevail but before the fighting can continue much further, Demigra and Robelu notice that Mechikabura has broken free from the Time Labyrinth and offers a temporary truce.


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