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Theodore Turner

Sun1888 Pci Parallel Port Driver Download Full Version Fix

This versatile card offers compatibility with PCI or PCI-X expansion slots (3.3/5V, 32/64-bit), as well as a simple plug and play installation with support and drivers for a broad range of operating systems including Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, XP Embedded DOS, Linux and more. The PCI Parallel card also features IRQ sharing and hot swapping capabilities, which guarantee convenient, hassle-free connections to any parallel peripheral.

Sun1888 Pci Parallel Port Driver Download Full Version


After creating Episode 10 in the video series of LinuxCNC for the Home Hobbyist, I learned that not all parallel port cards are equal. In fact, some are really only parallel ports in name only. These ports were actually serial ports that shift data, the best I can tell anyway, to an onboard parallel port. These functions being handled by the driver. LinuxCNC on the other hand requires a bona fide parallel port to work. Here I hope to create a list of cards that both work and do not work with LinuxCNC. I am hoping to do this with the help of the LinuxCNC community. It is my desire that this list eventually help someone from inadvertently buying a card that will not work for their purposes.


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