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Flexi 10 User Manual

FlexiPump Pro is a peristaltic pump with enhanced accuracy for the dispensing of culture media, agar and any type of diluent. Compact and ergonomic, it comes with a user-friendly interface. Traceability is guaranteed by printer and USB connection.

Flexi 10 User Manual

This top-of-the-range Whirlpool Induction cooktop features SmartSense, a new sensor-based cooking technology with up to 63 cooking combinations all available with step-by-step assistance. It also offers AssistedDisplay functionality which offers a new text-assisted touch display and FlexiFull which is a completely flexible surface with up to 10 different power levels at the same time, and Whirlpool's iXelium nanotechnology glass treatment, and very powerful with up to 7.4 kWh.

Need to have a quick look at the user manual? To do our bit to help the environment, our products are supplied with Quick Start Guides to get you up and running straight away, rather than with a thick multi-page instruction book.

The ELF System is a user-friendly, cost-effective load measurement system. This system combines three FlexiForce B201 sensors, one handle containing USB-interface electronics, and Windows-compatible software*, turning your PC or laptop into a force measurement instrument. The ELF is compatible with all standard FlexiForce sensors using an ELF adapter tab. Additional handles are available for purchase. This system is capable of multi-point sensing and available in a high-speed version.

Our patented electronics allow you to optimize the performance of the ELF system over a selected force/load range. The electronics adjust the device sensitivity to best fit the dynamic range of the specific application. This allows you to "fine tune" our single element sensors for optimal performance. Designed to be user friendly, simple calibration procedures can deliver accuracies of 5%. More controlled procedures can reach an accuracy level of 3%. The ELF's innovative electronics provide high quality signals at distances of up to 30 feet from the PC.

The RaySafe X-ray test equipment and X-ray QA test tools are specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry provides unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity. Intelligent algorithms indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range.

The RaySafe X2 touch screen interface allows the user to view data in a comprehensive, yet flexible way. The home screen displays every available parameter from the attached sensor. To zoom in on any parameter, just tap it for a larger view. Use a quick swipe to display waveforms, and pinch to zoom into details. Navigation is made simple by using common Menu, Home and Back keys. All exposures are saved in the base unit. In each session, you can swipe to quickly go back to previous exposures for reference or comparison. A full session of measurements can be uploaded to the RaySafe View software at a later stage for additional data analysis.

The RaySafe X2 Volt sensor is used for measuring on X-ray machine test points. The voltage corresponds to a kV or mA/mAs. Measurements are easier than ever, due to its intuitive interface, automatic capture of waveforms, and no need to make any settings or manual adjustments,

The RaySafe X2 CT sensor fits directly into a head and body phantom or can easily be positioned free-in-air with the X2 Flexi stand. There is no need for fragile and noisy analog cables, manual temperature or pressure corrections.

The two touchscreens each provide 10 channel strips, giving not only clear visual feedback and control of 20 simultaneous channels for a single user, but also the possibility when mixing large shows for more than one operator to take advantage of the newly designed drag, swipe and drop feature that simplifies custom fader layouts.

The dual screen concept aims to aid the new user learning curve and remove distractions by not only giving you more channels to view at any one time, but also allowing one screen to be used as a setup or master whilst the other is utilised for operation. Both touchscreens are responsive to EQ shaping, with fine-tuning available via the tactile and intuitive rotary encoders.


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