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Download !NEW! Equallogic San Hq Software

Unfortunately, your account is unauthorized because our records indicate that the unit PS100 has reached the end of their serviceable life, and are no longer eligible for new service contracts. In an effort to align with the EqualLogic terms and conditions for Firmware Downloads, we are required to remove customers download access once their service programs expire.

Download Equallogic San Hq Software

My apologies for the inconvenience. Dell has a strict policy regarding EQL Support Site Access and firmware download privileges on the EqualLogic support site. In order for an email account to be eligible for Support Site Access (firmware, documentation), the email account must meet the following criteria:

Our End User License Agreement (EULA) stipulates that access to firmware and software downloads on the support site requires at least one EqualLogic array be currently under warranty. You can find it here.

Gladly, the Storage Update Manager tool figures out exactly which steps you need to take before ending up on the version you want to. The Storage Update Manager is included in the SanHQ software, used for managing your EqualLogic array.

While you are entitled to all software provided by Dell/EqualLogic, (assuming you have a valid support contract) the MEM is host side software, so it is subject to whatever features are on the host OS (e.g. vSphere, etc.). Now, for the vSphere side, the Storage APIs for Multipathing is a feature-set in Enterprise or Enteprise Plus. Dell basically takes the position that how the Storage APIs for Multipathing is enforced, is completely up to VMware. What you might be experiencing are behavioral changes that perhaps vSphere made between 5.0 and 5.1 with respect to handling the storage APIs and their own licensing mechanisms. I have not done any formal testing on what the fallback is when one is using MEM during say, and eval, and you then enter in your vSphere Std licensing keys. Regardless, if you are not licensed to use the advanced pathing policy, you will need to change this to Round Robin

Every storage monitoring is unique. In fact, every software product is unique. Many are similar but they all have little differences. Each one has specific features that no other has. This is also true for storage monitoring systems. Although each tool review below is widely different from the others, they all share a few common features. 350c69d7ab


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