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Buy Sell Cameras VERIFIED

So, without further delay, here is our list of the top six (in alphabetical order) places to look at when seeking out your next piece of gear. Obviously, all these places offer gear well beyond just cameras and lenses too!

buy sell cameras

As far as digital cameras and lenses, its used department is my favorite of anyone on this list. Adorama has tons of used gear available at any given time, with new gear being added every day. Best of all, it has very, very good prices with some unbeatable deals popping up now and then.

eBay is where you stand to get the best possible price and have the largest variety of options at any given time for any given item. For some items, namely vintage lenses, cameras, and accessories as well as rare or niche items, eBay may be the only place where you stand a chance to find what you are looking for.

If there are any issues with your item, you can simply file a claim and eBay will refund your money whether the seller accepts the return or ignores your claim. You should, however, thoroughly read any description and look at all available photos before purchasing. From my extensive experience of over fifteen years on the site as both a buyer and seller, I have zero reservations as a purchaser.

MPB is probably the least well-known on this list, but it has grown quite a lot during the COVID-19 era and are absolutely worth a look. Not unlike the others on this list (except eBay), MPB purchases and resells used camera gear after thoroughly inspecting and testing the equipment. With two offices in the UK and one in Brooklyn, New York, MPB serves even more markets than several others on this list, and in April of this year, it acquired Series D funding of $69 million to expand to other markets.

The two best things about MPB are its massive catalog of available products and its very good prices. For example, at the time of writing there are twenty Nikon Z6 (starting at $1059), thirty-four Canon 5D Mark IV (starting at $1959), and twenty-seven Sony a7R Mark III (starting at $1889) cameras available to purchase. I do not know of anywhere else, except eBay, with that kind of inventory.

When you arrive at the store, let us know that you're interested in trading-in or selling equipment. Our used camera buyer will be with you as quickly as possible. It may take some time to determine the value of your gear.

At Art's Cameras Plus, we offer top value for in-demand cameras and accessories so you can feel confident selling or trading in what you don't use or need anymore. Art's staff knows equipment values! Our process is safer and simpler than you posting an ad and trying to field inquiries, then having to meet up with potentially dishonest strangers. You may not have considered shipping out your equipment to your buyers. Even worse, what if they send it back requesting a refund? Art's is interested in gently used DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses and accessories. We may also consider select 35mm SLR film cameras. We only purchase items in full working order. Be sure to bring all accessories, cables, batteries, chargers, etc. Missing components will reduce the value and may impact our ability to make an offer. Fill out the form below for an online evaluation of your gear. We offer to pay you a fair wholesale price. You must have a current government issued ID to complete the transaction. Trade for an upgrade and get a 10% bonus for your gear!

Whether you're a new or experienced photographer, Chuck's Camera Plus, LLC invites you to check out our wide selection of modern and reconditioned cameras for sale in Hampton, VA. We carry all kinds of cameras from industry-best manufacturers, like Nikon, Sony and Canon. With all types of makes and models to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect camera for your needs. We also offer camera accessories, lenses and batteries to keep your camera in top operating condition.

The condition of the camera is important. Scratches and dents will decrease the value of your camera. It should also be in working order and come with its accessories. Original packaging increases the value. Digital SLR cameras have the most value.

We have a long established history of buying used gear from our clients or facilitating trade-ins as a convenient way to upgrade to the latest equipment or free up unwanted gear. We love pre-loved gear! This is a great way to update your gear as new cameras and equipment is released and creates a wonderful cycle for the next owner to gain access to new pre-loved equipment.

Finally, selling our used cameras and photography great is good for the planet. Reusing equipment and letting it have a second or third life helps reduce the amount of new cameras that need to be manufactured.

If you are in the UK, then you are likely familiar with WEX Photo Video, who are one of the largest photography equipment retailers in the country. They have a large used selection of camera equipment, and offer the option for photographers to sell them their used gear.

WEX also promises to price match, so if you find a better quote somewhere else, like MPB UK, they will match it. So if you are in the UK, this is definitely one to strongly consider for selling your used camera.

The main advantage is that you can set the price for your product yourself, so there is a possibility that you will be able to get more money for your used camera equipment compared to selling via somewhere like MPB or KEH.

Looking at listings for the Canon EOS 6D on eBay, they currently go at a range from $315 at the low end through to around $550 for one in excellent condition. So this is marginally higher than selling to a specialist used camera store.

eBay is also a good option to consider for those who lives in parts of the world which do not have a lot of physical or online photography retailers. While people in some countries like the US, UK, and Europe may have a lot of different options for where they can sell used cameras, there are more limited options for regions of South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

First, you can list it yourself as you would on any other marketplace like eBay, where you provide the description and images. Once sold, you ship the product to the buyer, and Gear Focus pays you. If you choose this route, both you and the seller are protected under their protection policy.

The disadvantage is that they are quite a new service, so they have fewer users, meaning your gear might take longer to sell if it sells at all. However, I would expect this to improve over time as it becomes more well known. There are also few reviews for the service online, although I have not found anything negative about the site either.

Craigslist is really designed for in person product exchange between local buyers and sellers, and you will definitely want to read their guide to avoiding scams and personal safety to keep yourself safe. Having such a large volume of users means that scam e-mails are definitely a problem on the platform.

MPB is similar to KEH in that they specialize in selling used photography equipment, but they have a wider remit, covering the USA, Europe, and the UK. They also sell video equipment and related accessories like bags, tripod and filters. Their equipment comes from photographers who are looking to sell used camera gear.

Many local photography stores will also purchase your camera equipment, and this can also be a good way to get your gear appraised for quality. In some countries like Japan, this is going to be your best way to sell your used gear unless you want to sell it peer-to-peer.

As you will have noticed from this guide, there are two main ways to sell used camera equipment. First, you can either sell it to a business, who will pay you up front and handle the resale via their own store. Alternatively, you can sell it directly to a consumer.

The disadvantage is that you have no control over the price. Obviously, these stores have to make a profit, and that usually comes about by buying items at a slight discount, and selling them at a slight premium, compared to a direct sale site like eBay.

Compare this trade-in against what you might get for selling it, as well as the convenience of such a trade, and decide if this might be a good option for recouping some of the value of your existing equipment.

You may find that some of your equipment is difficult to sell or is just not worth much. You might then consider donating it to someone, selling it for display purposes, or finding a recycling program that can properly recycle it.

For older items, you might consider if they might be useful as display items. For example, I have a few old film cameras that are just not worth much. Your best options there may to be able to sell or donate them for display purposes. For example, some shops like to use old film cameras for display purposes. A local museum may also be interested in having it.

Thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear about your experience with KEH. I know many people do sell happily with them and have a positive experience. At least you get to get your gear back and can try elsewhere!

The camera and lens both arrived in excellent condition. The lens came in the original packaging but the body came wrapped in bubble wrap. I was disappointed about this as I like to keep boxes for my electronics in case I ever want to sell them again in the future.

For the sake of this KEH Camera review, I sold my Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 Aspherical AT-X Pro EF Mount wide angle lens for Canon APS-C sensors. I bought this sometime around 2014 for about $800 and decided to sell it on KEH.

I hope you now have a better idea if KEH Camera is the right place to buy or sell your next camera. There are pros and cons to their service, but in general, I had a positive experience with both processes.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!Your article on KEH hit the nail on the head in SO MANY areas.I especially liked your forthright statements ADVISING readers to remember the selling of equipment is most always not going to make you happy. That was good and very honest. I too have sold gear to Adorama and BH Photo. And I have always hung up the phone or made the trip to UPS/Fed Ex and somehow feel stupid and a bit cheated. 041b061a72


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