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How To Change Your Skin On Pixel Gun 3D Fix

Answer from: HomuraYou need 45 coins and there will be a fully white skin with a grey question mark on the front part of the body on the bottom right corner it will say BUY 45coins Press that and then press that again and there will be a fully white body,no question mark and then tap on the head you layer head and so on.that was how to make your own skin, NOW I will tell you how to change your skin into skins that are downloaded into that app. there will be some skins pick the skin you want and in the bottom right corner there will be a box that says apply skin.

How to change your skin on Pixel Gun 3D

Answer from: Miss AnswersTo Change your skin you have to: Go to shop and press skins. If you want to make a skin then press the white skin with a ?. If you want to change it to a skin that is already in the game then scroll next to that and you will see skins with a name above it.

Tap the Armory button and go to the Wear section, then select the Skins category and you will see the New Skin feature. There you can draw your own skin, and you can also customize your head, body, arms, and legs separately. You can also use our templates and modify them as you like.

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