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Theodore Turner
Theodore Turner

That 70s Show S05 720p Bluray X265 Jester

True Detective (2014) - S03E01 - The Great War and Modern Memory (1080p BluRay x265 afm72).mkv_20210222_035405.375 vs true.detective.s03e01.1080p.bluray.x264-rovers.mkv_20210222_035346.472True Detective (2014) - S03E01

That 70s Show S05 720p Bluray X265 Jester

DOWNLOAD: vs Die.Simpsons.S01E01.Es.weihnachtet.schwer.German.Dubbed.DL.Remastered.HQ.720p.x265The Simpsons

Police Story (1985) RM4K (1080p BluRay x265 10bit Tigole).mkv_20210222_091431.987 vs police.story.1985.remastered.1080p.bluray.x264-ghouls.mkv_20210222_091506.500Police Story (1985) Remaster

Police Story (1985) RM4K (1080p BluRay x265 10bit Tigole).mkv_20210222_093121.179 vs police.story.1985.remastered.1080p.bluray.x264-ghouls.mkv_20210222_093139.185Police Story (1985) Remaster

I didn't see that one when I looked it up! Still though, it's on youtube, and youtube videos are, by nature, immensely compressed to lower youtube's bandwidth cost to stream them. Even at 1080p, a webrip from youtube would shy in comparison to the quality of a bluray rip, especially a remux

Doctor Who (Season 1 - * ) x265 720p or lower.I have only watch the doctor who movie - the day of the doctor and I am in love with it. But I have never watched Doctor Who series and I want to but theres no seeders at torrents and x265 720p are very hard to find and not one works. I have a crappy internet connection so x265. Sorry if I am breaking any rules.


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