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Theodore Turner
Theodore Turner

Hunters S02e06 Free

I expected getting into Hitler's compound to be hard, but I didn't expect him to have a village full of Nazis surrounding his mansion. The hunters all gave their all and were rewarded accordingly because Jonah got him.

Hunters s02e06

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The hunters gain entry into the compound, but before getting to Hitler, they have to deal with his lackeys. An epic gunfight ensues. Hitler and The Colonel learn of the presence of the hunters, and Hitler is rushed to safety.

Like Hilda had suggested, the Sisters threw the bones at Ambrose. He turned one into a Skeleton Key, which he used to unlock the Cell. Unfortunately, at the door, he ran right into a pair of witch hunters.

While hiking in the Muir Woods near San Francisco, these two treasure hunters found an abandoned mine. Inside, they found a skeleton and a number of symbols on a wall. While one of the hunters was worried, the other started digging and accidentally freed Tuatha from her tomb. The witch demanded her wand and then used her magical dust to shrink the hunters and feed them to her pet snake. 041b061a72


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