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Of course, white wines can be all over the map. There is sweet white wine, the most famous of which is, of course, Sauternes which is produced in Bordeaux. Sauternes is produced from the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes, though you will never see Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon written on the label. Chateau Yquem would be the most recognizable name/producer in Sauternes, and of course, the most expensive of the Sauternes producers. The Hungarian version of iconic sweet wine, is Tokaj, which is perhaps not quite as famous, but equally delicious. There are dry white wines which are produced all over the world, but many would suggest the best dry white wine is produced in Burgundy, with the most popular white wine produced in Burgundian churning out Montrachet or derivatives of Montrachet, such as Batard Monthrachet, or Bievenue Batard Montrachet. All of the white wine in Burgundy is produced from the Chardonnay grape, though once again, you will rarely, if ever, see Chardonnay written on the label. If you are looking for a different style of Chardonnay, perhaps something oakier, you may want to consider finding great white wine types in different areas of California. Napa Chardonnay, or Chardonnay from Santa Barbara are a couple of the more famous areas for production. If you are looking for the best white wine, you might consider looking in Spain, Portugal, Italy or even South America. There are countless good white wine produced in the Mediterranean countries where they often consume more white wine than red. I believe there are a number of reasons for this. 1st of all, it is typically very warm and people want to drink something cool and refreshing, 2nd, there is a lot of fishing and it is hard to argue that white wine does not go better with fish than red wine.

buy white wine


Some white wine lovers might suggest the best Sauvignon Blanc comes from New Zealand, my personal favourite regions for Sauvignon Blanc production are Sancerre and even those from Southern Austria and Slovenia. I must impress on you that I am of the opinion that best is always in the eye of taste buds of the wine drinker. There is no right or wrong, and only opinion. Whether you like bold white wines, or elegant light white wines, sweet white wine, or dry, at we scour the world to ensure you are drinking the best, and the best value white wines there are anywhere.

You buy our white wines from selected wineries that we have selected for you according to the highest quality guidelines. You get light and fresh, as well as stronger white wines from popular grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay or Trebbiano.

Many wine lovers have a particular preference for a certain growing area, because in every wine you can taste the climatic conditions, the soil and the hours of sunshine. To make it easier for you to choose a specific white wine from our range, we have put together some information on the growing areas below.

The white wines from Germany are generally considered light and come from very different, characteristic growing areas. We offer you different grape varieties in our shop, each with their own taste nuances. A Riesling from the Moselle, for example, is best enjoyed with a light meal. The Pinot Gris from Baden comes from a sun-drenched location and is often a bit stronger. We also recommend Riesling and Pinot Gris from Palatinate growing areas, which are regularly awarded.

France is better known than almost any other country for producing a wide variety of different wines. The grapes for the best white wines in the world are grown in the French growing regions of Alsace, Burgundy, Loire and Chablis. One of the typical grape varieties is Chardonnay from France, which is one of the most widely grown grapes in the world. Chardonnay white wines inspire with their variety of flavors. You can also try the Sauvignon Blanc or the Pinot Gris. You buy French white wines with exceptional aromas from us.

Whether South Tyrol or Sicily: white wines from Italy are enjoying growing popularity. The wines from the Verona region in particular are among the top wines for wine connoisseurs. Are you looking for a light summer wine from Italy? Then we recommend the Lugana, which is best enjoyed with light dishes. Fine Chardonnays are also available from Italy. Grapes for delicate white wines from Italy are grown in Sardinia and Sicily.

Riesling grapes ripen very slowly and develop a fine acidity. The Riesling gets its perfect maturity in the autumn sun. Riesling wines can have very different nuances, which depend heavily on the soil on which they are grown. Numerous German Riesling varieties come from the Rheingau, the Moselle, the Palatinate, from Rheinhessen or Baden.

Silvaner are light summer wines that are available in a wide variety of flavors. We recommend the Silvaner white wine as an everyday wine; you can also get it as an elegant companion on special occasions. If the grapes grow on heavy soil, then a Silvaner can also become a full-bodied wine.

Pinot Blanc comes from German, Italian, Austrian and also Swiss growing areas. Pinot Blanc is a very elegant grape variety that develops a fresh acidity and fine fruit. Pinot Blanc is a very versatile menu wine that can be enjoyed with dishes with seafood, fish, meat and poultry.

The Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most famous grape varieties worldwide. It originally comes from the southwest of France and delights wine lovers with its very distinctive aromas, which make it the perfect accompaniment to the menu.

ABOUT BLINDFOLD Born from the dark and provocative world of The Prisoner Wine Company enters a new white wine expression that explores light, vibrance and elegance. Blindfold was crafted to awaken your senses. Experience our still Blanc de Noir with a heightened sense of sight, taste, and touch as what you see and what you taste may not be what you expected. ABOUT BLANC DE NOIRStill, white-pressed pinot noir with notes of fresh, in-season citrus, white flower, white peach, a hint of tart cranberry. Delicate but lively, elegant, zesty & bright. This wine is made from mostly pinot noir with small amounts of Viognier and Gewurztraminer.

PRODUCTION PROCESSDirect to press processing allowed control of extraction and monitoring of color to produce a white, still wine with the slightest salmon-colored hue. Viognier and Gewurztraminer were blended in to add fuller texture and a rich mouthfeel.

Our Decoy Limited lineup is available and ready to ship. Featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir selections - there is something for every taste. Crafted using grapes from some of the most acclaimed Napa Valley and Sonoma Coast vineyards, these wines are perfect for entertaining.

Get your celebrations started with a magnum Decoy Brut Cuvée. An enticing sparkling wine that offers alluring layers of baked apple, white peach and orange zest, as well as aromatic hints of honeysuckle and vanilla. The perfect way to cheers with your friends and family all year long.

Please enjoy our wines responsibly. 2022 Kim Crawford Wines. Our Privacy Notice and Terms & Conditions have changed. By using this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions of use.

Decoy is most recognized for its red wines, but the Sonoma County producer develops quality whites at an approachable price, too. The Chardonnay is rich with flavors of buttery brioche, caramel, and ripe pineapple. This baby's voluptuous and decadent.

With its limestone-rich clay and picturesque hillsides, Burgundy is the birthplace of Chardonnay. Unlike California Chardonnay, these French producers use less new French oak for aging (which imparts the heavy vanilla and baking spice tones) and use mostly stainless steel or neutral barrel (which don't). The result is a more delicate, less in-your-face chard. This white Burgundy offers refined nuances of peach, apricot, and almond, with a crisp acidity.

Take everything you think you know about Chardonnay and throw it out the window; the Chablis region is the cleanest, most precise interpretation of the Chardonnay varietal. William Fevre is a prized producer in Chablis and receives critical acclaim year after year. The producer's rejection to oak aging leads to crisp, mineral-driven whites. No butter, no vanilla, just underripe green apples and white flowers. Intriguing (maybe a little confusing), right?! You should drink a bottle to fully understand.

Riesling is the favored grape of Germany, and it's easy to see why: The steep terraced vineyards in this region rely on sunshine reflecting off the Mosel River to ripen. The result is a magically off-dry, boldly acidic wine with notes of ripe Bosc pear, green apple, and notable minerality. The delicate sweetness would balance the heat from spicy food nicely.

Pikes has gained an international following for its dry Riesling. It aims to create wines that showcase the uniqueness of the region and vintage. Australian Rieslings are usually characterized by their "limey-ness," but this bottle is balanced with aromas of lemon, green apple, and floral notes. The charming sweetness makes it a perfect pairing for Indian food.

This wine's grapes are grown in a lush, coastal region of Spain, kissed with sea breezes. Sounds amazing, eh? Satiate your wanderlust with this bottle. The wine has a delicate salinity and wet stone minerality, plus it's bursting with floral aromatics. This wine pairs incredibly well with shellfish.

Veltliners are light, crisp, and citrus-driven with savory notes of white pepper, watercress, and arugula. This producer was named "One of the Top 100 Wineries of the Year" by Wine & Spirits Magazine two years in a row. Do with that what you will...(read: buy a few bottles). 041b061a72


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