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Ezekiel Moore

Learn the Fundamentals of Marketing in a Global and Southern African Context - Principles of Marketing PDF Download Available

the energy industry is not regulated to the same level of stringency by governments as the electricity and fuel market. this means energy is much cheaper in some countries than others. this cannot be explained by differences in the level of economic development or the supply of energy resources. the total quantities of energy produced, distributed and used is determined by the particularities of national economies and their specific regulatory and market policies. as economies grow, so does the demand for energy, particularly electricity and the consumption of energy services.

principles of marketing global and southern african perspectives pdf download

with the onset of the great recession in the global economy of 2008, a new theoretical framework or set of issues has started to emerge from scholars who are questioning the very foundations of mainstream ir theory.

one of the most significant aspects of this is that when looking to develop any theory it is vital to decide whether the data set that one chooses to start from is still valid. myriad sources and approaches exist to identify what the data set may be, but one has to be very cautious of the choice of data set and assume that the theory will never be wrong. one important example of such a shift, is how the field of global governance and the concept of soft power were used to theorise at a time when the cold war was over and the greatest threat of war was non-existent. there are different ways to define a theory, and global ir does not fall within the binary of neo-realist/functionalist debate. before considering the theoretical possibilities, it is important to focus on the role of history.


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