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Best Hotel Beds You Can Buy

What kind of mattresses do hotels use and what are the best hotel beds? A hotel mattress is often one of the more comfortable beds you can sleep on and it turns out you can actually buy most hotel chain beds. We have assembled a list of the best hotel beds (and where to buy them) for those wishing you had just one more blissful night in that comfy hotel bed.

best hotel beds you can buy


In this article, we tell you exactly what the top hotel beds being used by various major hotel brands are (like the famous Marriott Bed or Westin Bed) and where to buy that five-star hotel mattress! Our list now includes 20 hotel mattresses you can buy. [UPDATED FOR 2022]

According to its product description, this hotel bed is a resilient high-density soy-based comfort foam designed to equalize body support thereby improving blood flow and allowing for more restful slumber.

The Marriott Mattress is designed to remain firm for years of restful nights and enjoys a quick-recovery feature that reduces the sinking feeling that accompanies nights on other mattresses. This top hotel bed offers medium to firm support.

All parts of this top hotel bed are hypo-allergenic which helps protect against dust and allergens. Plus, it is darned comfortable which is why it is one of the top-rated hotel mattresses (by both business and pleasure travelers).

The Cadillac of hotel mattresses! The Ritz-Carlton Sealy Posturepedic is a fine piece of sleep craftsmanship. You can purchase it directly from the Ritz themselves, or buy a similar model on Amazon (see price) (for cheaper).

The Luxury Hotel Collection is a series of high-end resort properties in exotic destinations like Bermuda and Bali. It is owned by the Marriott brand of hotels and features an extremely comfortable mattress which guests can purchase directly from the hotel, or Amazon:

Higher quality mattresses than you probably use at home are certainly a factor. However, the excitement of staying in a hotel, and the different-ness / new-ness of the bed also play a mental factor. That said, hotel beds are usually pretty good quality.

Hotel rooms with two beds are primarily designed to accommodate families with children. Parents will share one bed while children will share another. These beds are almost always full-sized or double beds which can make sharing a bed a little tight, but still manageable.

No major hotel chains currently hotels have Tempurpedic beds. There are many regional or local hotel chains (think Sleep-Off Inn in the middle of nowhere Colorado or something) that allegedly have Tempurpedic beds, but thus far no major hotel chain has made this a key part of their sleep strategy.

As a reminder, Tempurpedic beds are a special type of mattress made from unique foam first developed in coordination with NASA. Tempur-Pedic was actually a standalone company however it is now part of the Sealy company.

The Marriott Bed by Jamison is consistently ranked as the most comfortable bed used in hotels. However, other popular hotel mattresses include the Westin Heavenly bed, the Hilton Serenity Bed and the Ritz Carlton Sealy-Posturpedic bed.

Typically, hotel mattresses fall into the medium-firm range. Given the number of guests sleeping on a hotel bed each year a more durable (firm) mattress is often needed rendering a softer mattress unlikely to stand up to regular usage. Too firm a mattress would deliver a poor sleeping experience to guests. Thus, medium-firm mattresses are often used in hotels.

Hotels typically change their mattresses out every 3 to 5 years, unless there is noticeable damage to the mattress. Hotel mattresses are intentionally designed for recurring wear and tear from frequent use. Occasionally, hotels will use a Mattress Topper to extend the life of a mattress.

Luxury hotelier St Regis uses a high-end Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress. This luxurious mattress offers a delightful sleeping experience and consumers can purchase this exact same model for themselves.

I liked that you explained that a luxury hotel will look for the best materials and exceptional manufacturing quality when purchasing bedding in order to create a luxurious experience for the customer. There is nothing better than receiving comfortable sleep to remove the stress of traveling and I would love to experience that every night! Thank you for the insight into the quality that hotels look for when buying bedding and where I can buy my own!

CLICK TO SEE PRICEThe Signature Hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is one of the best luxury models that resemble those you see at Hilton Hotels. The mattress has a premium quilted top and several foam layers with variable firmness depending on your chosen model.

CLICK TO SEE PRICEShoppers looking for a bed similar to the one in the Sheraton hotel should be pleased with the Cocoon Chill hybrid mattress. This luxury hybrid is 12 inches tall, delivering the best of foams and coils to fit back and stomach sleepers. The Active Support Technology gives targeted support where you need it the most, while the memory foam relieves pressure in the hips, knees, and shoulders.

CLICK TO SEE PRICEIf you want a bed that feels close to the one in the Westin hotel, you may want to consider this Layla Hybrid dual-sided model. The Layla is soft on one side and firm on the other, so it fits a range of sleeping positions, body weights, couples, and restless sleepers. The bed has copper-infused memory foam and individually-wrapped coils that deliver cooling and support.

Comfort is key in the tourism industry, helping to ensure guests have a positive experience in a particular hotel. Pillow tops and even weight distribution are popular choices for these sorts of items. Many establishments credit their entire bedding system for creating their signature feels, using toppers, pillows, and sheets to enhance how their mattresses perform.

Hotel mattresses feel good because most have a universal feel (medium firmness) that fits most sleepers. In addition, many of these beds have quilted tops, cooling covers, and maybe even a mattress topper adding more comfort to an already comfortable bed.

Most hotels use medium to medium-firm mattresses because these fit most sleepers. Since the majority of people sleep on their side and back, medium and medium-firm mattresses prove to be a good fit for most hotel guests.

In terms of price, it falls about average for hybrid beds on the market. Hybrid mattresses tend to cost more because of the materials used. But we think Hybrid mattresses are safe choices for most people.

Most of this post focuses on beds that we highly respect and consider nice enough for a luxury hotel operator. In this section, however, we assembled a non-exhaustive list of the best hotel mattress brands:

The largest suppliers of hotel mattresses seem to be Serta-Simmons (owns Beautyrest) and TempurPedic-Sealy International. We noticed they have beds in Fairmont Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, and plenty of others. Typically the hotel chains are purchasing directly from the brand or a distributor, not a retail store.

The Slumber Yard has been around since the beginning of the bed-in-a-box craze. Our team has personally tested over 175 mattresses so far, and we keep more than 150 beds in our office so we can compare them (and take afternoon naps).

A hotel mattress is a specially designed bed for a hotel or that looks like it belongs in a hotel. Typically, these are innerspring mattresses. Some will have a pillow top, and others will feature coils and a layer of foam.

There are only a handful of brands that actually makes mattresses featured at hotels. These include Sealy, Serta-Simmons, and Beautyrest. That said, there are plenty of online mattress brands that make beds really similar to those featured in hotels, including Saatva, WinkBed, Bear Mattress, Nest Bedding, etc.

Available in 3 comfort levels and 2 hight options, the Saatva classic is an award-winning hybrid innerspring mattress that combines premium features with eco-friendly credentials and an affordable price tag. Manufactured by New York-based Saatva, the made-to-order mattress is the bedding of choice for various luxury hotels. To give you an extra spring in your step, it has even been approved for use by accredited chiropractors. (Doubles from $1,199)

Made by mattress brand Simmons specifically for the Westin Hotel chain, the top-of-the-range Heavenly is quite possibly the best most well-known hotel bed in the world. But despite its exclusivity to Westin hotels, the good news is that consumers can still buy one for their own homes to recreate that elusive hotel experience. Designed with plush, pillow-top construction and individual pocket springs for premium comfort and support, the Heavenly is a masterpiece in restful luxury. (Doubles from $2,195)

Used by a number of upscale hotels chains around the world, including Hiltons, Conrads and Waldforfs, the Presidential Suite II boasts a clever two-sided flippable design. It has some neat technological features including premium hotel-grade Continuous Support Innerspring and Cool Twis Gel Foam that provides pressure-relieving comfort while promoting enhanced airflow. It also has total edge foam support to keep the sides from compressing under weight and providing a whole mattress surface experience. (Doubles from $950)

Fairmont beds are some of the most raved-about on social media, according to an analysis by CNN Travel and Local Measure. Most of its rooms use a Sealy Posturepedic mattress designed especially for its rooms. The layers work together to create a dreamy experience: a foundation that absorbs shock, a support layer that resists body impressions, and a quilted top with plush foam.

The Heavenly Bed, made for The Westin by Simmons, has been a staple for the hotel chain since 1999. Its plush, pillow-top construction provides ample support so guests wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Custom-made for the hotel chain, the hybrid Ritz-Carlton Bed boasts a plush-top construction, reinforced foam-cased edges and gel-infused memory foam layers so hot sleepers won't have to fuss with the thermostat at night. To add style to substance, the trim of the mattress is adorned with an elegant fleur-de-lis. 041b061a72


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