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Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric Pc 12 ##VERIFIED##

Best known as an original member of Danity Kane, R&B singer Dawn Richard left the group last year (again) after a public kerfuffle revealed deep divisions among the crew. No disrespect to the others, but Richard is thriving without them. Over the last few years she's issued a series of works that hinted at a wildly visionary approach to soul sonics, and she's gone even further on "Blackheart." A collaboration with the Los Angeles producer Noisecastle III, Richards' second studio album is thick with synth-based polyrhythms and layers of Richard's fine voice. When delivered straight, it's solid and pitch perfect. More often, though, she and Noisecastle run her words through strange filters, electronically manipulating it to move from male bass to female soprano and beyond. She merges her words with Vocoders like she's rolling onto Kraftwerk's "Autobahn," hums with Giorgio Moroder-like synth throbs. The result is magnetic future funk, rife with Roland 909 tones, British drum and bass accents and much left-field surprise. (Randall Roberts) Read more

sonic boom rise of lyric pc 12

This book published in vixra; is an extensive research on the physics of the microworld that has very direct implications for the world of the macrocosm: cosmology. The implications are such that reveal, like gravity, including general relativity, they must be corrected to account for gravitational anomalies as important as: 1) The rotation speed curve within galaxies. In this research it demonstrates how there is a repulsive acceleration caused by the quantum vacuum (c x H = a0, H = Hubble constant, c = speed light in vacuum); It is the cause of abnormal speeds within galaxies and do not follow the laws of gravitation, in the calculation by the laws of Keppler. Therefore, the so-called dark matter does not exist.This acceleration repulsive also produces effects of gravitational micro lens. 2) The annual increase in the Earth-Sun distance of about 15 cm per year. It is calculated correctly and its cause is founded on this repulsive acceleration. 3) Similarly, the increase in the Earth-Moon distance of about 3.8 cm per year, is calculated correctly. 4) The modification of gravity also explains the Allais effect. Effect, which in total solar eclipses the pendulum stop rotating the plane of oscillation. It is calculated correctly. 5) The anomalous speed overflights of various spacecraft around the Earth. It explains how the original Andersons equation is an adequate approximation. 6) The Chandler wobble is explained and calculated. This wobble is a rotation of precession of the space around the Earth. Oscillation of a swing of the vacuum. 7) It is shown that the Earth is the center of the universe (hence, the alignment of the ecliptic with the CMB is produced) Earth being the center of the universe; is the entire space which revolves around the Earth. This rotational speed of the universe is derived as a function of the properties of the vacuum. Not only the Earth does not turn on its own axis; if not that does not turn about the Sun either. It is the Sun and the planets those that turn about the Earth. 8) If the Earth was turning on its own axis at a speed of 465 m/s it would be necessary to produce a sonic boom. But this sonic boom, it does not take place. 9) If the Earth was turning on its own axis at the speed of 465 m/s, the friction with the atmosphere, it would provoke that the Earth would stop its draft in 59 years. 10) The effect of the pendulum of Foucault takes place also if the space about the Earth, turns at a speed of 465 m/s That all these falsehoods on the existent movement of Earth's spin, have been kept so long, are due to interests of the elite, but not at the service of truth. A lie repeated 1000 times make it a "truth" 11) The existence of a creator of the universe, God, it is a fact as scientific as could be, for example, the existence of the light. The book, for the time being, is only in spanish. Its extension of 537 pages will need time to be translated into english. Category: Relativity and Cosmology


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