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Ezekiel Moore
Ezekiel Moore

Sybase Sql Anywhere 5.5.04

-- Jeff Albion, Sybase iAnywhereiAnywhere Developer Community : -anywhere-techcorneriAnywhere Documentation : _manualsSQL Anywhere Patches and EBFs : =144&client=ianywhere&timeframe=0Report a Bug/Open a Case :

Sybase Sql Anywhere 5.5.04


SQL Anywhere versions 5.5.02, 5.5.03, and 5.5.04 were affected by a memory leak that caused SQL Anywhere to allocate an abnormal amount of RAM during certain operations. This problem has been known to occur with the SilverStream Server under certain conditions. Contact Sybase for a fix.

André boa tarde, primeiramente parabéns pelo conteúdo. Estou tentando fazer a conversão dos dados de um Banco Sybase Anywhere 5.5.04 para o Firebird 2.5 e quero usar ArraySize. Mas estou encontrando problemas com os acentos no banco de origem dos dados (sybase estou usando no bde no langdriver Sybase SQL Dic850.Pode me dar uma dica de como posso tratar os caracteres especiais?Obrigado


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