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Ezekiel Moore
Ezekiel Moore

YPF (Young People Fucking) BEST

Kind of like New York I Love You/Paris Je T'aime but with sex, not love. And more awkward hilarity than heartwarming moments, really. And with less characters, just caricatures of people so there's not as much emotional attachment...

YPF (Young People Fucking)


Anybody seen both films? The similarity in style is eerie- about the only difference is that the vignettes in "After Sex" take place, obviously, after the act of sex, instead of before/during, and their story lines are never revisited like they are in "Y.P.F.". And it featured a bit more diversity, with older couples, people of color, and several GLBT storylines.I still dig "Y.P.F" more . . . just wondering what others thought.

Referencing my own thread, =1I recently re-watched both movies and yes, goldengirlfanatic, there is more diversity in "After Sex" compared with YPF.Other than the homosexual subtext, between the roommates couple, there is a distinct lack of any LGBTQ identified characters.Title notwithstanding, senior citizens were not the interest of this film makers.And there is absolutely no people of color, except for the token Asian in the elevator scene.Is this a consequence of being a Canadian made film?Also, all the characters were model perfect. No one seemed genuine, like real people, e.g. no blemishes, physical flaws.Rebuttal: What about the fat tracksuit wearing roommate? And his "something weird down there roommate?" Not to mention the husband with the strap-on wearing wife.Reply: Curious, he is the only person of whom we do not see any skin, or less clothes. He took off his trousers, but the camera was above the waistline, except the rear shot to establish that he was naked below the waist.As the for husband, I think that was a chance to role-reverse, not for the purpose of gender bending but to make a joke out of the guy being f*#k'd. I think that sub-story was entirely created just to have an excuse to through in those one liners: "just the tip", "can I go deeper", "I'm coming...".Notice the husband's behavior in the after sex; he acted like the girl instead of being the guy.I think the same point is made between Jamie Fox and Ken, the Brit. She played game on him, who was trying to play game on her.

Along the same lines is the Croatian film "7seX7" ( ).The vignette like "After Sex" but includes the before, during, and after like YPF.One of my favorites is the brilliantly artfully done camera shots where we only see the bodies of the people but never the faces. The only faces we see are the photos of the couple plastered everywhere.I must say, the film director seems to love tracking shots. In several occasions, he has sustain tracking shots following character's actions or movements without real reason.The sex was more spontaneous and free. 041b061a72


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