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Pups Save A Wedding Pups Save An Ace Full Movie Online Free !EXCLUSIVE!

Rocky called Ryder about the problem, and Ryder summons the pups to the Lookout. Marshall slipped on oil, started spinning a flat kart, and crashed into the other pups. Then, he said, "Oil's well that ends well." The went up the elevator to geared up, and met Ryder in the control room. They all know Mayor Humdinger stole Ace's birthday car, It's their mission to get it back in time for the party. Ryder hired Skye to use her copter and goggles to search for the missing car and Chase to use his cones to set up a roadblock and stop the car. Once they were all ready, they went off to save Ace's birthday surprise.

Pups Save A Wedding Pups Save An Ace Full Movie Online Free

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Led by a boy named Ryder, a team of six playful rescue dogs use their individual talents to protect the seaside town of Adventure Bay. The pups are occasionally joined by newer helpers: Cap'n Turbot, Robo-Dog, Everest, and Tracker.Ryder leads a team of rescue pups (Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and Skye) who save their town from everyday emergencies, whether it's finding missing elephants, fixing windmills or another minor mishap involving clumsy Cap'n Turbot.

While out on a hike, Ryder discovers that Garbie the goat is stuck on the edge of a cliff! He attempts to rescue Garbie, but gets stranded in the process. He calls the pups for help, but drops his Pup-Pad down the cliff side! Now the pups have to save Ryder... all on their own!

A mysterious Ghost is causing havoc around the Lookout at night. The Pups and Chase in his new SPY GEAR set up a stakeout to bust it, but discover that it's not a ghost after all - its Marshall... sleepwalking! Now the pups have to save the slumbering pup as he sleepwalks through town!

Ryder surprises the pups with their newest vehicle - THE PAW PATROLLER! Now the PAW Patrol can save the day outside of Adventure Bay in this 18 wheeler, mobile Lookout! It's just in time too because Jake ends up lost in the south pole when he loses his equipment and phone - Pups to the rescue! While the pups race down, an Arctic storm picks up, but Jake finds help from a brave mountain ranger pup named Everest!

Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi are getting married! Farmer Yumi's barn is being decorated for the big day and all the pups are helping. A big storm blows in and takes down a wall of the barn! It's up to Ryder and the PAW Patrol to save the barn and the day - the wedding day!

When little lambs keep running away from Farmer Al's pasture, it's up to the PAW Patrol to find the missing sheep and discover who's been making holes in the fence. Super Spy Chase uses his spy gear and tools to search for the culprit from outside the pasture, while Marshall infiltrates the flock by dressing up like a sheep. Despite the pups' efforts, three lambs manage to escape and get trapped in a cave. Now Marshall a.k.a Baaaaney, must save them and bring the real lambs home.

Cap'n Turbot, Francois, Mayor Goodway, Chickaletta, and Daring Danny X fall into a canyon high up in the mountains. And it's up to the pups, led by Skye to save the mountain climbers in this Ultimate Flight Rescue.

Tired of Ryder and the PAW Patrol always winning up to the top, Harold Humdinger, Ladybird and the Copycat team up and uses Mayor Humdinger's idea to take the pups' meteor to get more powers, causing the Mighty Pups to lose their powers. With the help from Tuck and Ella, the Mighty Pups use a piece of the meteor to stop the three baddies and save the meteor.

Mayor Humdinger takes his kitties to the Dino Wilds for some dino acting lessons, but instead finds himself on top of a runaway Brachiosaurus bound for Adventure Bay! Now it's up to the pups to save the town before the Dino stomps all over it!

Get Ready to zoom back to Barkingburg with the pups in this all-new movie! When the scheming Duke of Flappington steals a powerful levitation gem from the royal castle and uses its magical powers to raise Barkingburg into the clouds, Skye will need to overcome her biggest fears and lead the team in their biggest aerial rescue yet! 350c69d7ab


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