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The IMT factory was founded in 1947 as the Central Foundry. In 1949, a new company, the Metal Institute, was formed by amalgamating the Central Foundry and four other local companies. The Metal Institute became the Industry of Machinery and Tractors (IMT) in 1954. The following year, research was conducted on different types of tractors and the Massey Ferguson licence was chosen.[4]


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In 1959, the factory was reconstructed and production capacities for 4,000 tractors a year were built. The factory started production of a tractor of their own design in 1964. In 1988, IMT recorded its largest annual production in history - 42,000 tractors and 35,000 machines.[4]

Between 1990 and 2000, changing economic circumstances led to significant changes in production. A long-term co-operation was established with the Perkins company, and the first engines complying to the EU 2000/25/EC standards were built in 2005.[4] In 2008, the Serbian Privatisation Agency launched a tender process for the sale of IMT.[5] In 2012, IMT introduced a new "S" series of tractors.[6] Offer of the new generation of tractors together with purchasing power demanded customisation of tractor accessory. Mostly new models have join of traditional and modern look, thanks to the Belgrade professional schools, Faculties of Design and IMT design studio.

In July 2013, IMT exported tractors in Kazakhstan, ex-Yugoslavia markets, Ecuador and African market. The model which has been exported in Kazakhstan was labelled "Baikonur" (derives from Baikonur Cosmodrome) and it was models 539, 549, 555.11.[7]The company ceased production in August 2015 and went into bankruptcy procedure, with 186 million dollars of accumulated debt.[8]

The most popular of the IMT tractors were the IMT 533 (with 33 hp) and IMT 539 (39 hp). These tractors become popular in Yugoslavia, because they were reliable, easy to handle, manoeuvrable and capable. Their popularity resulted in the advancement of mechanisation and modernisation in rural areas. A more advanced model was later produced in 1965 under the designation IMT 555. The reliability of these three models comes from the characteristics of the engine. Mainly for the fuel pump developed internally by IMT. These engines were renowned for lasting 20000 working hours before needing an overhaul.

Series 2000, are equipped with: polyester engine cover, synchronised gear shifter, 2 WD, adjustable steering by height, synchronised gear shifter, engines by Perkins or John Deere with EC Stage II standard, easy handling and maintenance. Series 2000, in accessory part refers to A/C, 4WD, heating and hydraulic power steering regulation of position and draft.

At 79 (in 2012) Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad, IMT presented new generation of tractors with mark "S" (539 S, 549 S, 550 S and 555 S). Standard equipment offered: better anti acoustic and rust protection (with viscoelastic deadener ), modern design of cabin, synchronised gear shifter with 10 speeds (forward) and 2 speeds (reverse), polyester engine cover, EC IIIA standard, 4 WD, hydraulic power steering regulation of position and draft. They have been adjusted for attachment and work with implements of large width, mounted or semi-mounted.Accessories for these series includes: A/C, A/C powered by solar panels, car radio (with/without handsfree), seat heating and heating+ventilation (HV). 041b061a72


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