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Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Pills

If you had sex without using birth control, or your birth control failed, you may want to use emergency contraception to avoid pregnancy. You can get some types of emergency contraception pills, known as morning-after pills, at most pharmacies without a prescription.

where can i buy pregnancy pills

No, a prior doctor's visit or prescription is not required to participate in this service. During your consultation, the pharmacist may determine a visit with your doctor is recommended based on your specific needs. It is, however, strongly recommended that you follow up with your doctor on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the appropriate preventative health screenings completed. Your pharmacist will discuss this with you during your consultation and will also provide you with a website link where you can find a local doctor if you do not currently have one.

Abortion with pills is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy, but you must use the right medications. There are many counterfeit and poor-quality abortion pills available. Here are 10 common questions and answers to help you find the right pills.

Mifepristone blocks the activity of progesterone (a hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy) in the uterus and softens the cervix so the pregnancy comes out more easily. Misoprostol makes the uterus contract and push out the pregnancy. This is similar to what happens when a person has a miscarriage.

Both mifepristone and misoprostol are sold in tablet or pill form. Misoprostol pills usually, but not always, have a unique six-sided shape. Mifepristone is usually a round, white pill. If someone is selling these medications in capsule form, they are not legitimate. (A capsule is a shell or container, usually made of gelatin, that contains a medication.)

Misoprostol becomes less effective when the pills are exposed to heat and moisture. For that reason, misoprostol must be sealed in double-aluminum blister packs (aluminum on top and bottom), rather than cardboard or plastic. You are unlikely to find legitimate or effective misoprostol that is being kept in cardboard, plastic or as loose pills in a bottle.

Misoprostol is usually an affordable option for someone seeking an abortion. Of course, some pharmacists or medicine sellers may take advantage of people seeking misoprostol and try to charge too much for the pills. You can ask people you trust if they know how much the pills should cost where you live, or you can search the internet for local cost information. But remember: Misoprostol should not be expensive.

Pre-packaged combi-packs of mifepristone and misoprostol are only available in a limited number of countries (less than 30), and they are less likely to be sold without a prescription. If you live in a low- or middle-income country where combi-packs are available, the prices are likely controlled, and a combi-pack should cost less than $20 USD.

The most widely used birth control method, the pill is most effective when taken regularly, every day. Besides preventing pregnancy, the pill can improve acne, reduce symptoms of PMS, and help make periods more regular, less painful, and lighter in flow.

We are proud to offer more than 100 types of birth control, including name brand and generic pills plus the shot, patch and vaginal ring. We are happy to try to order specific brands if you request them as well.

Combination pills contain both estrogen and progestin and are the most widely used type of pill. Minipills, on the other hand, contain progestin alone. Minipills are recommended for anyone who is sensitive to estrogen, like those who are breastfeeding.

The combination pill must be taken every day in order to be effective, and the minipill has to be taken every day in the same three hour window. For this reason, birth control pills are great for people who can create a routine and stick to it completely.

Some people take birth control pills for reasons other than preventing pregnancy, such as reducing unwanted bleeding. Certain brands of the pill, such as Yaz, can even be used to treat mild forms of acne.

Mifeprex and its generic Mifepristone Tablets, 200 mg, are available under a single, shared system risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS), known as the Mifepristone REMS Program, which sets forth the requirements that must be followed for mifepristone for medical termination of pregnancy through ten weeks gestation.

Mifeprex was approved in 2000 with restrictions to assure its safe use. Mifeprex was deemed to have in effect an approved REMS under the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007. In 2019, at the same time the FDA approved the generic version of Mifeprex, the agency approved a single, shared system REMS for mifepristone products for the medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy through 70 days gestation (known as the Mifepristone REMS Program).

However, the states prohibit the prosecution of women who receive abortions, according to the text of the legislation in the eight states. That suggests many women with unwanted pregnancies who cannot travel out of state for an abortion will likely end their pregnancies alone at home with abortion pills purchased online through international telehealth companies like Aid Access.

Aid Access is an international telemedicine abortion provider founded by Dutch physician Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. Its European doctors provide online consultations and write prescriptions for abortion pills, which are then filled and mailed by a pharmacy in India.

Aid Access told CNBC it will continue mailing pills to women in all U.S. states, including those that banned the procedure. U.S. telehealth providers will be banned from prescribing and sending abortion pills to women in states that outlaw the procedure.

Aid Access will be one of the few options left for many women in U.S. states that have banned the procedure. The organization's European doctors face little legal risk from state laws in the U.S.. However, health-care providers in the U.S. that offer abortions pills through telehealth into states that have banned the procedure would potentially face legal consequences.

In telehealth, the patient's location generally governs the laws that need to be followed, said Amanda Allen, senior counsel and director at the Lawyering Project. For example, a health-care provider based in New York, where abortion is legal, that offers the pill through telehealth to a patient in Texas would be subject to that state's law, Allen said. The provider could face criminal penalties and their medical license could come under scrutiny, she said.

Nearly all of these 14 states specifically outlaw the prescription or administration of any drug to terminate a pregnancy, while in other states the bans are written so broadly that they include the pill as well.

Just The Pill, a Minnesota online clinic that provides abortion pills through telemedicine, is setting up mobile clinics in states where abortion is legal that border states where the procedure is banned or severely restricted. In this case, patients would cross the border for a consultation and then the pill would be mailed to an address, UPS access point or general delivery at a post office for pickup in the state where it's legal.

Just The Pill plans to launch a mobile clinic in Colorado later this month and bring a group of patients across the border from Texas, which had already banned abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. Just The Pill is looking at New Mexico and Illinois as future sites for mobile clinics because they are close to states that have either already banned abortion or will do so soon.

"Our plan is to move into safe states, where abortion is protected either constitutionally or otherwise, and to help people travel to those safe states to provide care knowing that there are going to be lots of legal risks," said Dr. Julie Amaon, the medical director at Just The Pill.

President Joe Biden and the U.S. Department of Justice, in a stern warning on Friday to states banning abortion, said they will exercise all power at their disposal to protect women crossing states lines to receive the procedure in states where abortion remains legal.

Websites such as Plan C Pills are also providing information on how patients are finding ways to obtain the abortion pill. In some cases, people are setting up telehealth consultations in states such as California, where abortion is protected, through services where a video visit is not required so they do not have to provide their location. They then set up a virtual mailbox on the internet, have the abortion pill mailed to that address and then have the package forwarded to their home, according to Plan C's website.

There are also several internet companies that mail generic abortion pills directly to people's addresses without prescriptions or consultations. The medication costs anywhere from $200 to more than $400 depending on the website. Plan C has ordered medication from several of these companies, tested them at a lab and found they were real abortion pills, said Elisa Wells, the group's co-founder. Plan C published results from its tests in the journal Contraception in 2017.

However, the pills have not been inspected by the FDA, so their safety and effectiveness is not guaranteed by a U.S. regulator. It's also unclear who runs these companies and where they are based. The FDA has in the past sought to shut down such websites.

Dr. Abigail Aiken, an expert on reproductive health at the University of Texas at Austin, said pills from online websites would have to be regularly tested to ensure they are authentic. Aiken said it is important to make sure the pills come in a blister pack that is properly sealed, because exposure to air can affect the medication's effectiveness. She also said the advantage of Aid Access, as opposed to other websites, is it has a staffed help desk to answer patient questions and provide information about the process.

Aiken and Aid Access published a study in The Lancet in February that examined the records of nearly 2,800 people in the U.S. who used abortion pills prescribed by the group from March 2018 to 2019. About 96% of respondents reported they successfully ended their pregnancy without surgical intervention. One percent of patients reported serious side effects in which they needed medical treatment, including blood transfusion and intravenous antibiotics. No deaths were reported. 041b061a72


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