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Fallout 4 Fast Travel Crash Fix !EXCLUSIVE!

Hi,as already written in the title, after the hotfix today the game crashes during a fast travel, doesn't matter where i travel to, happens on all three save games.Played it early in the morning and it worked fine.Updated graphics-drivers and verify files (in ubisoft connect), did not work.Please fix this!Update: also crashes on the loading screen of an insurgency.Best regards

Fallout 4 Fast Travel Crash Fix


Hello there,I apologise for the delayed response. Thank you for continuing to share your reports and experiences regarding crashing during a loading screen (such as after fast travelling) within this thread.I'd like to reassure you all that the development team are investigating this issue further. We don't yet have any updates to share from the investigation at this time, such as any news of a fix. As soon as we have any new details to share, they will be shared within this thread or within the News & Announcements forum, so please check these locations regularly.In the meantime, we would recommend that you launch the game in offline mode, as it has been found that this can prevent the crashes from occurring. If you play on console, we'd recommend disconnecting your console from the internet. We understand that playing offline can limit your access to certain in-game features, such as co-op mode or the Special Operations, and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. The dedicated game team have also assured us that any items that may have been missed out on, such as from the Insurgency and Special Operations, as a result of this issue should be available again in the future. Thank you for also sharing more information about any purchases you have made from the in-game store following the 16 Nov hot fix, specifically regarding vehicle bundles. I've passed this information along to the developers in case it is useful for the ongoing investigation.If you have been experiencing a crash on the splash screen following the hot fix released on 16 November, 2021, then I recommend checking out our dedicated Megathread for this specific investigation.Thanks!

Hi,I updated my game today and played the DLC. The DLC is great, works well, no problems there. I went back to the main campaign and realized I am no longer able to fast travel or airdrop around the map without the game crashing. I've tried this about 6 times now and the game crashes every time during the loading screen. I've tried different points around the map from captured FND bases, traffic stops, and main settlements. It will always crash during the loading screen. Before you ask, the first thing I did was verify my files and it is still happening. This only started happening after today's update.

I also have this issue and it just started for me this afternoon after the game updated but my friend who i co-op the game with had the problem the night before so i'm not sure where it starts. all i know is that i can't fast travel anymore or air drop and now i'm roaming however i can. while that's not the worst thing, when i want something from another region it can take quite a while to get there even in a car or better yet a hovercraft.

I can play the game just fine have had no issues (besides the small things) but since the insanity update I can't fast travel. I'll try to travel and the loading screen pops up then about 10sec in it will close the game. no crash reports or signs of a game kill.

I have this issue now as well, except it effects all loading in general after loading my save. So if I fast travel, try to play a spec op, join a friend or respawn after dying it'll crash during the load screen.

Hey everyone, thanks for reaching out about this issue of crashing during fast travel, as well as sometimes when loading more generally (after dying, or into special operations, for example). I really appreciate these reports, and I'd certainly like to help.Can you please start by looking at our troubleshooting guide? I understand some of you have already tried some of the steps it recommends, but please in particular make sure you've verified the game files, you've checked for updates to Windows, and you've checked for any background programs that might conflict with the game.If the issue persists, can you let me know? In that case, please let me know, and check this support article, which describes how to generate a couple of helpful system files we can use to diagnose the issue. If you could let me know once you've got those, I'd really appreciate that!Let me know if I can clarify anything in this post

Are you on PC. If so you can try this... open console type "dumpinputenablelayers" without the " 2 or 3 lines should will show, Disabled fast travel line will show mine was BoS 1, type resetinputenablelayers with whatever number showed, might work, it did for me for a while.

Hi, I tried to follow EssArrBee's guide rigorously, but as I'm suffering from constant crashes (for example, screen freezing upon fast travel with radio still going) I assume something critical is missing on my setup, although I'm failing to see what.

This is my first time using TTW and I mainly installed it so Fallout 3 would stop crashing on me(yes, I did every fix I could find on the Internet). At first TTW was working fine, I played for hours on end without any issues, but out of nowhere it started crashing every couple hours, then it seems as if the crashing occurs every other fast travel/loading transition. I've tried my best to scour the Internet and this website for fixes for my issue, but I can find anything about this. Any help would be appreciated!

Since Saturday, every 5 or so time I fast travel, I get a black loading screen that eventually freezes and forces me to dashboard and restart the game. Is anybody else having a similar experience on xbox? (Source)

Players say that when they try to fast travel to their friend or any other place across the map, a bug causes the game to freeze. As a result, they end up on a black screen or get stuck at the loading screen.

I joined the BOS ad destroyed the Institute on top of the big building by pressing the button. I had my power armor so I jumped off the building because I realized I couldn't fast travel on top of that building. When I was on the ground I tried fast traveling to the Prydwen but it still said "Fast travel is currently unavailable in this place".

It sounds like you have not progressed the final Brotherhood quest "The Nuclear Option". After entering the teleporter relay inside the Institute, you are teleported to the top of the Mass Fusion Building, the one you jumped off of. In order to continue the quest and beat the game, you must press the large red button indicated by a quest marker to detonate the explosives in the Institute. After that, a cinematic video plays and the main quest is over. You are most likely unable to fast travel because the game still considers you to be on top of the Mass Fusion Building in based on the quest stage.

The optimal way to fix this would be to return to the building and complete the quest. If you are playing on PC, you are able to use the in-game console and cheat your way back there. Simply press the on your keyboard to bring up the console, then type in MassFusionExt02and press enter. This ought to bring you to the place where you can progress quest and fix your fast travel issue.

It seems to only effect the outdoor cells, as using the "movetoQT ,quest id> console command on PC and if it's an indoor area (say Ticonderoga) the game plays fine. You can also "view" the area from rooftops some distance away, but whether it's by fast traveling or walking/running, as soon as you get near that area of the map, regardless of which direction you approach from, the game will freeze and crash. 350c69d7ab


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