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Theodore Turner
Theodore Turner

The Hidden Oracle

After the death game, many of the campers are injured and need serious medical attention. Apollo tries to cheer up Harley by telling him the frequency at which Celestial bronze automatons prefer to hear sound for a beacon that Harley is building for Leo Valdez to come home. Later, Apollo tries to go after Kayla and Austin but is stopped by Meg and Chiron. He settles for waiting by the woods with two books he grabbed from the Apollo cabin on oracles and himself.

The Hidden Oracle

When he gets back out to the outskirts of the woods, he notices that Meg has shown up. After reading about himself, Meg tells him that the Beast killed her father and that he's located in New York City. As the morning comes, a helicopter lands outside the camps magical barriers outside holding Rachel Elizabeth Dare. The duo go to meet Rachel along and decide to talk in Rachel's oracle cave. Once in the cave, Rachel says she trashed the cave because she was frustrated about not receiving prophecies anymore. Meg brings Chiron to the cave and Rachel states that the two satyrs who were sent to retrieve her have died. Rachel reveals that she's been doing some digging since the problem with the Oracle and has uncovered that Triumvirate Holdings paid for the weapons that Octavian used to attempt to destroy Camp Half-Blood and the mortal backing that Luke Castellan had to build his army against the gods. Apollo believes that Triumvirate Holdings are attempting to control all five of the Oracles, starting with the most ancient Oracle, Dodona, which is located at camp. Apollo thinks that the campers are being drawn into the Grove of Dodona.

The book follows the god Apollo, who is turned into a human teenager and thrown down from Olympus to New York City as a punishment by his father Zeus. Joined by the demigod Meg McCaffrey, Apollo goes to Camp Half-Blood, where he discovers that he will have to regain control of the five oracles of Ancient Greece in order to receive pardon from Zeus.

Rachel arrives at the camp. She reveals that a secretive company, Triumvirate Holdings, has conspired against the gods and is attempting to control all the oracles, starting with Dodona, which is located at the camp and has been drawing campers to itself. The next day, Apollo and Meg go searching for the grove, but are attacked by myrmekes. In an attempt to drive them away, Apollo plays music, breaking his oath. The myrmekes kidnap Meg and escape. Apollo tries to return to the camp, but begins to hallucinate; before passing out, he finds Rhea, who gives him wind chimes to put on the largest tree in the Grove of Dodona and teleports him back to camp. Upon awakening, he learns that the leader of Triumvirate Holdings is Emperor Nero.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare arrives with news about a company called Triumvirate Holdings. Three unknown men run the powerful company, and Apollo is convinced that the Beast is one of them. Knowing the only chance to fight the Beast is to find the grove of Dodona and use it for themselves, Meg and Apollo go into the enchanted forest to find the hidden campers and the grove. 041b061a72


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