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Naked Attraction Italia

Naked Attraction is a British television dating game show, broadcast on Channel 4. A clothed person is faced with six naked people who are initially hidden in booths. Their bodies and faces are gradually revealed through successive rounds, from the feet up. At each round, the chooser eliminates one naked person until only two are left, when the chooser also takes off their clothes to make the final choice.[2] The chooser then decides which person they wish to go out with, and the two (or, occasionally, three) then go for a fully clothed date. The programme then presents their feedback after the date. It premiered on 25 July 2016 and is presented by Anna Richardson.[3]

Naked Attraction Italia

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Discovery + presents Naked Attraction Italia, the dating show, hosted by Nina Palmieri. The program deals with love and its variations in an innovative way, allowing singles to meet starting from physical attraction.

Nell'estate 2020 viene annunciato che i diritti dello show per realizzare la versione italiana di Naked Attraction sono stati acquistati da Discovery Italia, che decide di produrre una prima stagione di 10 puntate dalla durata di 60 minuti circa con la conduzione dell'inviata de Le Iene Nina Palmieri.

I will always be amazed at the confidence level of this younger generation to go on national tv naked and basically have people talk and give opinions on their body and genitals. Now that takes some balls. 041b061a72


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