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Ezekiel Moore
Ezekiel Moore

[S3E5] Omelette

Back in the kitchen, Stu and Drew continue to prepare the omelette for everybody. Stu wants to put a particular kind of olive into the omelette, and Drew again exclaims that those types of olives are still pitted.

[S3E5] Omelette

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Once inside, Stacey speaks with her mother, Gwen, who asks after Doris and compliments Stacey on her new top. Gwen makes the first of her regular offers to make an omelette, which Stacey accepts. Stacey phones her best friend, Nessa, to ask if she wants an omelette when she comes round later that day. After a long phone conversation, it emerges that Nessa doesn't want an omelette.

Back at Gwen's House, Stacey and her mother tuck into their omelettes while Gwen instructs Stacey to make sure to stay with Nessa throughout her time in London. She is worried about her meeting Gavin, who the family don't know anything about, and Gwen reveals that Stacey's uncle, Bryn West, will be around soon with a rape alarm for her. Nessa arrives carrying a small handbag, which is immediately contrasted with Stacey's huge suitcase that she plans to take to London. Nessa explains that her small bag contains everything she needs; 'Tic Tacs,' 'my sling, a packet of feminine wipes, and 60 Regal. 041b061a72


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