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German Car Buying Website

You wonder where to get the best sites to buy cars in Germany or a car-buying website to help buy a vehicle. Despite the online automotive platforms, there are some offline auto marketplaces where you can find a car that will suit your needs at affordable prices. I guess your reason to search for any of them may be to run the car purchase processes yourself, and nothing speaks against it. We encourage you to do so if you aim to save costs from car-buying services. The first step is to find your desired car. However, to complete other steps like negotiating the price of a vehicle based on its condition, a professional auto broker needs to get it right in most cases. Some additional steps to fully round up an entire car importation process are not part of this post, like evaluation and transportation within Germany or shipment.

german car buying website

One of Germany's fastest-growing used car websites. It was launched in September 2009 as a free online advertising platform for all users. is one of those websites that isn't solely dedicated to auto ads (which means that other forms of services and items are also featured) Regardless. The company has worked hard to establish its position among others.

Our next stop is one of Germany's top websites,, with over 1.5 million ads. was formed in 2005 to create a platform for classified ads. Thousands of new adverts are added to the portal daily, which means that more people are surfing the web and will continue to do so. accounts for about 332,000 visitors daily and a rough estimate of 9.97 million visitors monthly. is currently ranked number 2 in Germany's e-commerce and shopping category.

This is one of the few used car platforms that offer cars to clients with a warranty. Hey car was established in October 2017 to afford customers the buying and selling of second-hand vehicles. According to Markus Kroger, the outstanding purchase level witnessed by the website is a result of the constant striving to understand and meet the needs of their consumers- a total of 1.83 million visits recorded on the website tells us how much this platform grew within this short time. Over 300,000 vehicles are available for sale on hey car.

Carvago is the safest way of buying a used car. Before each purchase we first of all carefully examine the chosen car and you then decide on the basis of its current condition and our recommendation.

Dyler is one of the more newer websites on our list with a modern and easily accessible interface. Launched in 2017, they've quickly garnered a worldwide audience. In fact, nearly 50% of all visitors to are from overseas. Dyler presents a great opportunity for classic car sellers to find buyers for their vehicles on a worldwide scale. List your classic car for sale for free on Dyler. -

Autotrader is a well respected site in the USA for buying and selling classic cars. While the majority of its traffic comes from the USA (nearly 85%), it remains a great place to list your car for buyers in the UK, Germany, and Australia to find. -

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