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The "Welcome To Video" case was a case in which roughly 1.28 million members from 38 countries traded sexually exploitative videos of children through the Welcome to Video website. 360,000 downloads are known to have been made through the website.[1] This was the first case in South Korea where a criminal suspect was found using the Darknet.

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Jung-woo had downloaded videos of child sexual exploitation from child sexual abuse material distribution site AVSNOO, re-uploading them to his own server. Users were also able to trade video uploads for points on the site, encouraging them to add their own material. Forty-five percent of the videos on the site had not been encountered previously by investigators.[3] There were 1.28 million known users, and 4,000 paid members.[4] Over 360,000 downloads were made from "Welcome To Video" during its operation.[1]


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