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Our Programs


In 2017, we have the means to use clean energy as a major source of electricity. It is efficient, good for the environment and the Earth will never run out of this. But we also like to help everyone who becomes a member with Relief Energy. We understand how expensive everyday life can be so we like to give back to our members by giving them competitive rates but also enrolling them in our rewards program that provides access to local and national discounts and gift cards. All that just for being a member

The Ultimate Convenience

We live to make your life easy. When you change your electric supply to Pure, there is no change to how you receive your bill, your electricity, or even how your meter is read. The process is made to be as easy as possible.

Rewards for Being a Member

Signing up with us doesn’t just come with competitive rates, it comes with rewards just for being a member with us. We have discounts and gift cards to stores across the nation and even your local shops.

Better Rates on Your Electric

Due to the laws of “Energy Deregulation”, you can choose where you get your electric supply. This means that we can give you the most competitive rates possible. Why stick with your old electric supplier when you can save with Pure?

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